[Original Article] Only by insisting on not giving up can we see rainbows after rain.



[Original Article] Only by insisting on not giving up can we see rainbows after rain.

There are many difficulties on the road of life. Only by daring to face them can there be a prerequisite for success. There is a good saying: "Success lies not in strength, but in how long it can last." Only with the necessary persistence and efforts can we realize the joy and hard work of success after overcoming difficulties.

Here is a little story: an old woman planted a large area of corn behind the house. Autumn is here, and the cornfields are golden. A grain full of corn said: "harvest day, the old woman must pick me first, because I am the best corn this year!

But on the day of harvest, the old woman did not take it away." Tomorrow, tomorrow she will take me away! "full corn so self-comforting. The next day, the old woman took away some other corn, but she didn't pick this corn. Tomorrow, the old woman will take me away!" It still comforts itself. After that, the old woman never came back. Until one day, the corn was desperate, and the original full particles became dry and hard.

But just then, the old woman came and took it off and said, "This is the best corn this year. If you use it as seed, you will definitely grow better corn next year! The corn girl finally waited for hope that next year it would have children in groups.

You may have always believed in yourself, but successive failures and setbacks can make you discouraged, your confidence shaken, or even self-defeating. In this situation, you need to give yourself encouragement and adjust yourself appropriately. When others give up, you still persevere, then you will be closer to success.

Obstacle is a detour on the road to success. To meet this challenge, one must ride the wind and waves like a sailor, only hold on to one's faith, and continue to fight when others are stagnant. One day there will be a bumper harvest. Don't be satisfied with yesterday's success, because it is a harbinger of failure. To forget everything yesterday, good or bad, let it go with the wind, as long as there is a breath, we must stick to it, the secret of success is perseverance.

(Author: Zhong Sshigui)