[Original Article] Girlfriend



[Original Article] Girlfriend

To Friends:

"No matter how big the world is, there is only one you after all. No matter how big the wind and rain are, as long as you accompany me." Today, I want to tell you about some "children" around me ". Miss

W is my baby, because both mothers are good friends, and because we went to school together since we were young, we naturally became very good friends. When I was a child, I felt that our personalities were very similar. As my laughter became lower and lower, we gradually became different. She has always been very quiet and family-friendly, and I have loved to travel far since I graduated from college. We rarely get together since we split up in junior high school, but we never forget each other's important days. The most profound thing in my memory is that we went to junior high school. Her sister and my brother went to primary school together. We also asked our brothers and sisters to help each other with letters. On our birthday, we would prepare small gifts for our brothers and sisters to bring to each other. Most of the time, I drew a small picture that was not very good-looking for her. She was better. At that time, she would knit gloves for me. Now think about it, it is not easy for her to have no dislike for many years.

As usual, we have had conflicts. For more than 20 years, we have only had two times in our memory, and we don't like to explain. As a result, the cold war lasted for nearly a year after the last conflict. Until she got married at the beginning of this year, we made up again without too many words, it was just a "I'm getting married ...... Can you take a few days off", and I responded. In order to decorate her room, I was afraid of balloons and stayed in the balloons for most of the day. On the night I left after attending the wedding, I received her WeChat on the train. She said she was very happy that I could go. I only replied, "Just be happy". Maybe good friends are like this, we are crazy together, maybe there will be some small contradictions in the middle, but one day we will let go.

Miss L is a good friend I made during my Senior high school. She is more rational, while I am the kind of emotional. There is a big difference in personality. At that time, we never thought that one day we would become so good. Maybe it's because she studied medicine and I studied medicine. We were far apart in college, but we had a lot of common topics. After graduation, she was also the one who contacted the most friends. I still remember that she once said that "complementary personalities will last for a long time". Well, I believe it.

When I attended Miss L's wedding last year, I cried miserably, probably because the death of the closest person I met during that time was more sad than ever. However, the most touching time was when she called me as soon as she got the marriage certificate. In addition to being young, her name is probably the most frequently mentioned in our family, so that my mother often cares about her work and marriage. Now think about it, I felt a little jealous at that time.

Miss G and Mr. G are husband and wife. They met when I was a volunteer in college. Because I grew up with my kind grandfather, I always wanted to do public welfare in college. The first time I had in-depth contact with the blind was also at that time. I was still very introverted when I was a freshman. Thanks to the encouragement of my senior sister at that time, I have maintained contact with Miss G and her husband since I met in 2012. Miss G is two full rounds older than me. We, both monkeys, love to move, play and laugh. Because I am about the same age as their daughter who passed away, and I am too small, as our relationship gets better and better, my name for her has changed from "sister" to "big aunt". My sister is blind and not blind. Although she can't see, she can do many beautiful handicrafts and cook. Mr. G is even more powerful. Everyone knows that blind people massage a lot, and he has learned acupuncture himself. Every time I go to their house, I will be "pricked". It is really "painful and happy". Compared with other volunteers, being a volunteer in their home is the most fun and happiest.

Maybe many people think that we have helped them a lot, but in my opinion, they have helped me a lot. My sister often told me not to be too careful because of their disabilities. Later, after getting familiar with them, sometimes I regarded them as normal people. When I go to their house on weekends, I will tell them the good-looking and fun things around me like my family is having a crack. Sometimes I am depressed, but I am very happy every time I talk to them. Although they can't see it, their positive attitude towards life is something I can't envy in my life. Tianjin was so cold that I had a little regret when I went there until I met them. Perhaps this is life, every step has its meaning and moved. I am very grateful for my bravery at that time, and I am also very grateful to meet at the best time.

After entering the workplace, I am very happy to meet a group of small partners who can talk and talk.

When entering the workplace, except that college roommates can communicate without barriers, Miss Q is the type that can speak more and speak loudly. Lively and cheerful is synonymous with her, and most of the things she taught me when she first worked. And as a family, super happy. After we left office, we also agreed that if we went to each other's city, we must get together.

Miss F and Miss C have not known each other for a long time, but they are happier with them. The two of them have many common topics, mainly because they all like Jago. Follow Miss F feeling never be hungry. I still remember the last time I broke my shell, I accidentally mentioned my birthday on that day. She went out very late that night and bought me delicious food, which moved me inexplicably. Miss

C is probably the most active mushroom I have ever seen. It is like chicken blood every day. I have never seen her "discouraged. There must be joy where Miss C is, and she is especially encouraging. If I can ride on the road later, I must hug her well.

I like to have Miss C and Miss F when they are there, and when I am depressed, I always become cheerful with their laughter. Although sometimes C Mushroom Cool and F Mushroom Cool always think I am "serious" and always don't respond to them, in fact, I may have been "biased" by them long ago, but I haven't found out yet. I am very grateful to the two little sisters for not abandoning, not abandoning and not giving up on me.

The movie "Girlfriends" said, "How many people will we pass by in our lives, how rare it is to become confidants and girlfriends", I want to say: How fortunate I am to meet you.

520 is here. I hope you can keep your present beauty and love you!

(Author: Luo Rong)