[Original article] fall in love with basketball, the pursuit of the spirit of never giving up



[Original article] fall in love with basketball, the pursuit of the spirit of never giving up

Like most of my male compatriots, I am a basketball enthusiast and especially love to watch NBA games. Due to work reasons, now basically can only hold the mobile phone to watch the game, rarely can play to activities. It is only during the start of the NBA every year that I become a "fanatic", so that many friends and colleagues around me think that I am just a "fake fan".

Today, listen to "fake fans" talk about their feelings about NBA.

The first time I watched an NBA game in my impression was in junior high school. I watched the NBA highlights of the sports channel by chance. The TV repeatedly showed a black man wearing a yellow jersey No. 8 dunking. The video, that was the first time I saw a dunk, and it was also the first time I felt the charm of basketball. Since then, I gradually became infatuated with basketball. When I first watched the NBA, I felt like I was suffering from face blindness. I always felt that black people in the NBA looked the same. Most players can only be distinguished by the number of jerseys they wear. When I just fell in love with basketball, I always feel that I have endless energy. I can run on the court in the high temperature of more than 30 degrees in summer, or I can only wear a jersey to fight in the winter when the wind is biting.

Later, as Yao Ming's performance in the NBA became more and more prominent, NBA games were broadcast more and more frequently in China. Slowly, I could identify different players from black faces. Every time I see young James dunking vigorously after three people in a row, it is always reminiscent of Lu Bu in the three countries, who can take the head of a general in a million troops. When you see the top Kobe's air lever, extreme backward jumper, or super far 3 points, it reminds you of Zhao Zilong, another figure in the Three Kingdoms, who can be proficient in all 18 martial arts. Also what people like to talk about is that O'Neal, known as the "big shark", was able to directly smash the backboard when dunking, which can be described as "pulling out the mountains and rivers" incisively and vividly. It's hard for a viewer to understand. However, with the growth of age and the increase of watching games, we will find that apart from those bucklers with abnormal physical fitness and giants with amazing altitude, we will also fall in love with such people. Their bodies are not strong, their bounce is not excellent, and their speed is not amazing, but they are still worthy of our awe and even love. They are the "organizers" of the team, such as the retired Kidd, Nash, and the active Paul, Rondo ...... and their predecessors and role models "Magic" Johnson. With their broad vision, stable psychological quality and keen judgment, they have created assists again and again. While achieving others, they have also achieved themselves. They are the "brains" on the court, and most of the time, the success or failure of the game is determined by them. If the organizer is the brain on the field, then the coach can be said to be the brain off the field. During the game, you can often see the coaches yelling on the sidelines, and even swearing at the command. The coach's style also determines the team's style, such as the old and strong Spurs like Popovich, the Jazz who insisted on "basketball institutionalization" during Sloan's vocational education, the Lakers who Jackson is always slow, or the Rockets who are now coach De Anthony's shelling tactics. The coach is the planner of a team, the maker of the plan, and the parent of the team family. He must know his children very well, know the characteristics of each child, and only use reasonable people at reasonable times can he win the final victory.

Everyone has their own superstar in the NBA. Why are superstars so popular? Handsome? Strong? Kind? Neither. Because we don't want movie actors or charity ambassadors. What we care about at this time is the struggle on the basketball court, the collision of passion, and enjoying their competition from the first minute to the last second. People often say that it's really nice to see Kobe, James, Durant and other stars making tens of millions of dollars a year. This can't help but remind me of the scene when a reporter interviewed Kobe. The reporter asked Kobe what made him achieve what he is today, and Kobe replied to the reporter: Have you ever seen Los Angeles at 4 in the morning? When you were still sleeping in the comfortable bed, I was already sweating and raining on the training ground. When you were enjoying life, tasting delicious food and enjoying the beautiful scenery, I could only stay in the boring gym and repeat the same action a hundred or a thousand times. I could only eat tasteless boiled vegetables and chicken. Yes, we will always only see the glorious achievements of others, but we have not realized their year after year, day after day training, nor have we wiped the sweat of their hard exercise. It is those who never give up the spirit and perseverance, the achievements of today's them. All NBA superstars have an incomparable desire to win and a spirit of never giving up. And this is what we should learn and admire in our life and work. We should not only see the achievements of others and ignore the process of hard work. Throughout the history of NBA, such as the Celtics in their heyday in the 1960 s and 1970 s, the Lakers led by "Magic" Johnson in the 1980 s, the Bulls ruled by Jordan in the 1990 s and the Golden State Warriors today, the reason why these teams can establish dynasties and rule the league is that they have established a more united and perfect team than other teams. Everyone can advance and retreat together, and everyone can achieve common disgrace and prosperity, everyone considers the interests of the team, not just letting themselves get excellent data. Just like the Lakers in 2004, because Kobe and O 'Neill fought each other for the position of the team leader, the relationship between the players was like a loose sand, so that the OK team (Kobe and O 'Neill), which had the league's first strength at that time, suffered an upset defeat in the finals to the Pistons, the "poor" team with excellent team cooperation. The same is true of life. A person's strength is not really strong, but a team's strength is really strong.

Today's basketball, let me learn to enjoy. When playing basketball, we can enjoy the excitement of throwing every ball, the happiness of tacit cooperation with our teammates, the joy of getting healthier and healthier, and the passion of a group of friends talking about the ball together after the game. Only when you make yourself happy, your family will be happy together, your work will be more passionate, and your life will be better.

basketball brings me a lot of insights, everyone's perception of basketball is often different, but in any case, I believe that there must be many friends like me, slowly fall in love with basketball, fall in love with sports, experience life in sports, enjoy life in sports.

(Author: Liu Shengguo)