[Original Article] Anti-rash



[Original Article] Anti-rash

On July 4, the baby was 6 months and 21 days old.

This evening, I returned home happily. My mother-in-law held the sleeping baby and said to me, "The baby has a little fever in the afternoon, so I didn't turn on the fan or the air conditioner all afternoon. The temperature measured in the afternoon was about 38 degrees." As soon as I heard this, I became nervous. I didn't turn on the air conditioner in such hot weather and held it all afternoon. I took over the sleeping baby, and sure enough, it was hot all over. As soon as the temperature is measured, it is already 38.5 degrees.

I gently told her that the baby was ill and should tell me at the first time. She said that she knew I was busy at work recently and had already told the child's father, who said that she would wait for him to come back. At this time, I got angry (I don't know why I get angry easily when I am a mother about any bad children), because I didn't see my father at this point. On the phone, he said he had arrived at the door but did not buy any medicine. This time I was angry again, before not sworn that the baby commonly used medicine he will be prepared daily? The critical moment even temporary to buy? On second thought, and deep self-blame, also blame yourself not to check, the baby from birth to now, almost no sick, can eat and sleep care is still careful, since she thought her physical quality is good, is my carelessness. So I offered to buy antipyretics (Merrill Lynch) right away. At this point, the war began.

War 1: Dad said that he would put on a heat-relief patch to cool down physically first. Grandparents also said that it doesn't matter if they brought so many children. Their other grandchildren used to be like this, and they would have fever if they had long teeth. They formed a united front: not high fever can not take medicine casually, there are side effects, drink plenty of water on the line. I don't agree. If it exceeds 38.5 degrees, you must take medicine immediately. Physical cooling should also be carried out at the same time. After taking the medicine, she will be bathed. At this point, there is war two: grandpa, grandma: fever where can take a bath? Just wipe your body. Dad hurriedly nodded. I suppressed the fire in my heart and said as calmly as possible that she did not have a fever caused by catching a cold. There were no other bad symptoms except fever. Bathing is one of the best ways to cool down. Moreover, the air conditioner must be turned on and it must not be blown against it. Otherwise, how can it cool down? The war was irreconcilable and I had no choice but to ask the pediatrician in the Baoma group. Fortunately, the doctor confirmed my statement and I immediately took a screenshot to show them. I thought to myself, if you don't believe me, you should always believe the doctor. Finally, the medicine was taken and the bath was taken. After an hour, the body temperature finally dropped.

In order to make the baby get better quickly, my father decided to take a day off and stay at home (my nameless fire only subsided so far).

When I came home from work on the 5th, I found that the baby was burning again and reached 38.8 degrees. I quickly gave her Merrill Lynch. At this time, I realized that the high fever was somewhat repeated. Maybe this fever was not caused by long teeth (the baby started to have teeth in 4 months and has never had a fever). The fever caused by long teeth would not be moderate to high fever. My sister suggested that I make a memorandum and continue to observe at home first. I have to go to the hospital to let the doctor see the whole process of fever. Fortunately, it is already Friday, and I can watch over the baby for two days on weekends. At more than ten o'clock in the evening, the body temperature did not drop but rose to 39.4 degrees. The whole family was not calm and urged me to be sent to the hospital immediately. I saw that it was less than 6 hours before the last medicine (18:30). After discussing with my father, we decided to wait, but suddenly it began to thunder and rain outside.

00: 00, the body temperature rose to 40.2 degrees, and my father couldn't sit still. My grandparents said I wouldn't go to them to take the baby. I had to get dressed and get ready to go to the hospital. After persuading my grandparents to go to bed, my father and I decided to give her another Merrill Lynch at 0:30. We really couldn't go to the hospital again. After all, we were afraid of febrile convulsions in case. At 1:30, the body temperature finally dropped again, and the hanging heart finally dropped.

No. 6, after taking the medicine, the body temperature during the day was fairly good, with some low fever, but it rose at night. However, it is no longer as hot as before, and the interval between repetitions is getting longer. Although I know this is a sign of improvement, as long as the temperature rises, my grandparents have been asking us to go to the hospital. At that time, I was speculating that it might be a sudden rash of young children, with repeated high fever for about three days, fever withdrawal rash, and rash withdrawal in two or three days. I quickly opened the parenting book again and consulted the pediatrician at the same time. The enthusiastic mother in the group told me that it should be the baby's rash, and the rash would be fine.

on the 7th, the fever slowly receded. at 3 pm, I finally put the baby on the bed and slept with her until 6 or 7 pm. I haven't had a good sleep like this in two days, and because the baby is too sticky, my arms are as sore as chopping wood. When I woke up, I saw the rash. At this time, I asked for a bath for the baby. As I expected, the war came again. Grandpa and Grandma: If you have a fever, you have to give her a bath. How can you take a bath if you have a rash? If you have a rash, you can't see the wind. You have to keep it in your room. I can only patiently tell them that this is not measles and can be washed, and then go to the group to ask the doctor if he can take a bath (fortunately, the old man will listen to the doctor).

arrived on the 8th, and it seemed that the rash was almost all over his face, neck and body. Although I can rest assured, I still feel very distressed. Baby sick, worry and toss is inevitable. Although the baby always gets up and plays after sleeping for an hour because she is not feeling well these two days, although she can only sleep in her arms when she touches the bed all night, although she only recognizes me when she is ill, no one else can coax her, but everything is worth it.

At the same time, I am glad that I have read some parenting books. I probably know how to take care of fever so as not to be flustered. I am even more grateful to the developed network and the enthusiastic mothers and doctors in the group. Although I still have to bear the pressure of my grandparents and my father, who is sometimes not very reliable, I think that they are also for the good of the baby. Without credit and hard work, everything is fine.

(Author: Wu Xiaoting)