[Original article] Hedgehog



[Original article] Hedgehog

Do you know hedgehog?

hedgehog is a small mammal with a tip of the mouth, small ears and short limbs. Although it is weak and slow, it has a set of good skills to protect itself. The hedgehog has thick spines, and even its short tail is buried in the spines. When frightened or attacked by an enemy, its head bends to the abdomen, its body curls up into a ball, covering its head and limbs, and its body erects steel thorns like thorns, just like the "tribulus terrestris" on the ancient battlefield, making it difficult for the attackers to start.

Sometimes people get along with each other like two hedgehogs getting along? When two hedgehogs put their hardest spines to the outside at the same time, either you hurt me or I hurt you, both sides will inevitably be injured. When one hedgehog uses hard spines to the outside and the other hedgehog uses soft ventral surface to the outside, the hedgehog with soft ventral surface will eventually be injured by the hedgehog with hard spines to the outside. When both hedgehogs put the soft ventral surface outward, the two sides will not stab each other and live in peace.

Our house is like an objective cage. We are under the same roof and crowded in the same cage. We will inevitably be stabbed and stabbed. Of course, we are Chinese hedgehogs. Traditional hedgehogs cannot pose like Tyson and Holyfield. We don't have cheerleaders, so we can only tremble at any time so as not to stab others if we accidentally provoke them. It hurts! Other people's thorns are longer than their own, harder than their own, sharper than their own, rub it, look, it is full of scars.

Maybe we are not smart hedgehogs, maybe we are not diligent hedgehogs, or we are not obedient hedgehogs, but we are not bad, we have dreams and want to fly. Don't always say "hate iron but not steel". Times are changing. Iron doesn't have to become steel to be successful. If you can, please don't exclude us, don't blame us, and don't refuse us to approach because we are not excellent. Can we sit together and talk, patiently listen to what we want to say, even if it is upside down, even if the words do not reach the meaning, can we separate the thorns one by one, like a zipper, at least can shorten the distance between us.

We are destined to meet and live under the same roof. Even if the distance cannot be close, we should at least embrace kindness. In the same roof, there will be all kinds of friction. If we can understand each other, think more about everything, be more patient and be more tolerant, then we will not hurt each other like two hedgehogs competing against each other.

(Author: Chen Jing)