[Original Article] Cohesion, Facing Difficult and Looking Forward to the Future



[Original Article] Cohesion, Facing Difficult and Looking Forward to the Future

Time always flies. It has been three months since I came to Lijiexun in an instant. From a new person in the pharmaceutical industry to gradually get started, getting better and better. The test of life and the training of work have made me more mature and cherish my current work and life more.

We should not be complacent about what we achieved yesterday, because we will continue to surpass yesterday. We are not proud of today's transcendence, because we will have a more brilliant tomorrow and work harder for our Lijiexun vision.

This year is a connecting link between the preceding and the following, and it is also a year of top priority for us. As a member of Lijiexun, we should concentrate our efforts and face difficulties. While insisting on doing our job well, we should also do the tasks arranged by the leaders in time and work overtime to complete smoothly.

At present, we should not only complain about the busy work, but also see the other side, the planning and prospect of the company's listing. This transformation has injected new concepts and plans, and a better tomorrow is waving to everyone.

As a member of Lijiexun, I gradually appreciate the unique charm of the company and am gradually attracted by it. An enterprise can attract employees, not only salary, but it contains the corporate culture. Enterprise culture gives our enterprise more long-term vitality. It gives me a new understanding of pharmaceutical enterprises, and also makes me want to learn professional knowledge and shine in my post.

"no silicon steps, no miles, no small flows, no rivers and seas". Looking at the sky, the burning heart is imminent. I wish I could grow up with the company. Let us concentrate our efforts, look forward to the future, face new opportunities and challenges, face difficulties, and meet the better tomorrow of Lijiexun.

(Author: Lin Yuan)