A cup of cold tea, a whole summer



A cup of cold tea, a whole summer

Summer is very beautiful, but it is also very sultry, and my recent mood seems to be in general with this weather. With it so impetuous, with it so hot. The feeling of burning meat while walking in the hot sun always makes people exhausted. How many moments when I feel unable to support it is on such a day when my head is humming with sweat, I need a cup of cold tea to relieve the summer heat.

cold tea, as the name implies is to brew tea with cold water. The cold water here does not refer to ice water, but refers to cold boiled water or mineral water at room temperature.

Cold tea making has now become a new choice for many people in summer, such as office workers, class drivers, mountaineers, etc. No matter where they go, as long as they can buy mineral water, they can enjoy delicious and healthy cold tea making at any time. But not all tea is suitable for cold brewing. White tea technology is natural, has always had the effect of relieving summer heat and cooling, and is very suitable for cold soaking. Among them, Baihao silver needle and white peony are good choices.

There are more protective compounds in cold water than white tea soaked in hot water, which can resist the oxidation of low-density lipoprotein in vitro and is beneficial to health. It can be seen that using room temperature water to brew white tea as a daily drink is very beneficial to health.

Making method

White tea can drink sweet and slightly elegant fragrance after cold soaking. The method is also very simple, as long as several grams of white tea are added directly to the mineral water bottle, even the water does not need to boil.

1. prepare equipment: tea, a bottle of mineral water or cold white open, refrigerator.

2. The ratio of cold boiled water to tea is about 50 ml to 1g, which increases or decreases according to personal taste.

3. After shaking and standing for about 2 hours, you can pour out the tea soup to drink, the tea taste is sweet and delicious.

4. can be put into the refrigerator refrigeration or pour out add ice, cooling effect doubled.

secret: adding some honey or crystal sugar to cold brewed white tea will be a different feeling!

With the changes of the times, people's lifestyles are becoming more and more simple, but the fun of life is becoming more and more abundant. There are too many drinks with high sugar content in the market. Personally, I prefer cold brewed white tea. The operation is simple, convenient and healthy, and the key is good to drink! Can make a cup of cold tea every day, let me ease the summer heat, let me sink down to work well in the impetuous time.

(Author: Su Jianqing)