[Original article] for learning



[Original article] for learning

gold and stone sharpening, square light can be used to learn; Tanned wood is only straightened when it is roped. If you want to make a tool, go through the knife and axe first. In refining fine steel, you must cast flames. Everything is like this, even if you learn! Taste and smell the gentleman, hand roll, forget to eat waste bed, hanging beam thorn shares, Fang de road, so learning can not have; However, a gentleman must climb a mountain and walk thousands of miles in order to learn.

Zi did not hear: "It is better to think all day long than to learn in a moment. It is better to look at it than to climb a mountain". The height of ten thousand people must be clear at the top. The abyss of thousands of feet must be close to the square. Those who know what they do not know, but those who know what they do. Therefore, when the poor are wrong, it is not unknown, it is not true.

There were good scholars in ancient times, who were too white, absurd when they were young, failed in reading, and played in the mountains all day long. After crossing the mountain of Elephant Ear in Meizhou, the old woman was sewing and grinding an iron pestle. White asked why the iron pestle could be made into a needle. The woman answered, but it needed deep work. Why not be a scholar. Therefore, it is necessary for scholars to do good deeds, be enlightened, and be good at grinding the avenue of Fang Dao. Why not!

(Author: Wei Chen Ping)