Living in the Present.



Living in the Present.

Recently, there is a popular saying on the Internet: "Cherish the present time, no one knows which will come first, the accident or tomorrow".

This month, Wuxi viaduct rollover incident, restaurant gas explosion incident and other accidents occurred continuously. Some people feel lucky for the tricycle master who was almost under the overhead, while others feel sorry for those who accidentally gave their lives. Then facing the next second that we cannot predict, what we can do is to cherish the present.

We live in the present, so if you have a dream but haven't put it into action for a long time, please plan and implement it from this moment on, because all plans are empty talk. Only by acting and persisting can you turn your dream into reality. In fact, many people have their own "dream that feels out of reach" in their hearts, and the reason why it is out of reach is that we always find various reasons for ourselves to escape from our dreams, and finally let our dreams lie in a corner of our body and fall asleep. Who didn't have a secret crush when he was young and wanted to pursue it, but he always felt that the time was not ripe. In the end, ta might keep your memory forever. So live in the present, brave dream!

We live in the present, so if you don't know how to express your feelings and often don't know how to communicate with your parents and family because of your introverted personality, please hug the family you want to be grateful for as soon as you go home today. Of course, if you are far away from home, please call and say "Mom and Dad, I love you". I believe that those who love you will also understand your love. Don't let "the tree wants to be quiet but the wind does not stop, the child wants to support but the relatives do not wait" become a reality. Go home and have a look when you are free. I once read an article entitled "How much time do you have left with your family?" ", the article wrote:

" Some people have counted the life of urbanites 24 hours a day: sleeping for 8 hours, eating for 2 hours, dressing and washing for 1 hour, going to work for 10 hours, going back and forth for 1 hour, surfing the Internet for entertainment and leisure for 1 hour, and the remaining time is only 1 hour. Excuse me, how much time do you spend with your family in the remaining hour? "

As a person working in a different place, the Chinese New Year holiday is usually about 7 days. Excluding the time spent on round trips, visiting friends, sleeping, etc., in fact, the time spent with parents is only about 24 hours a year. According to my parents' age of 50, if they can live healthy for 50 years, I will only spend about 50 days with them.

We live in the present, so if you feel unwell, please don't force yourself to work overtime, because health is the capital of revolution. How many heroes have been defeated in the face of illness, so prevention before illness, prevention is greater than treatment, many people understand in modern society, but few people can do it. We will find that many people often watch football games all night long, chase TV plays and play games, and then find that their physical fitness is getting worse and worse, and they are more and more vulnerable to external evil. After that, they start to take care of themselves and buy all kinds of health care products and health tea. In fact, the first thing you need to do is to adjust the biological clock, don't stay up late to consume your body's energy, and the second thing is to consider health care. And how many people are upside down? Go to bed early and get up early to eat normally, soak medlar in a thermos cup by the way, and then work hard!

We live in the present, so please spread more positive energy to the present and make ourselves a full-fledged human being. We must believe in 1 1>2, be ourselves and move forward bravely.

(Author: Weng Menghan)