[Original Article] Internship Life Notes



[Original Article] Internship Life Notes

Time flies, and it has been more than two months since I went to Lijiexun Company for internship. From an ignorant intern to now has generally adapted to the company's life, I feel a lot.

was very impressed by Lijiexun, which can be said to be the flag-raising ceremony. The flag-raising ceremony mainly includes the announcement of the list of employees who performed well in the current month and the award of certificates, the factory director's summary of the previous month's production plan, the general arrangement of the current month's and the next month's work plan, and the final slogan shouting. I thought it was a very good ceremony. First of all, by issuing certificates, we can greatly encourage the enthusiasm of employees and strive for excellence; secondly, we can promote employees to cultivate their sense of innovation on a large level; finally, we can consolidate and deepen their sense of mission and responsibility through the strong slogan in the morning. Although I am only an intern, I am strict with myself, abide by the company's rules and regulations, and take every job seriously. Making good medicines and making safe and secure medicines for the people is a special honor in the pharmaceutical industry. Every employee should be proud of doing his job well. Just as we usually work in white coats, we must be qualified angels in white to guard every patient who needs medication.

I have been here for more than two months. I also deeply feel the enthusiasm, tolerance and care of the company's leaders and employees. I remember when we first arrived in Lijie, we were new here and felt strange to everything. However, the company has considered everything we need, and we have settled down properly and started our internship. For just get started, there will always be more or less do not understand, colleagues are very patient to teach me. Sometimes there are inappropriate situations in doing things. Thank you very much for your tolerance and understanding. The pace of life here is very slow, small town is not big, but it is a place full of warmth.

The forms of work I have come into contact with in the past two months are also quite diversified. No matter which one I am, I can learn some truth and learn something from it. At first, I took over the check of piece-rate wages for various positions in various workshops. The dazzling data did not scare me, but gave me a preliminary understanding of the company's production system. From the beginning of the piece rate is more chaotic, to the back of almost no errors, I feel the rules and regulations step by step perfect, clear and clear. Later, I went to the warehouse to check the ledger, and I learned about the basic procedures for entering and leaving the warehouse and the return and exchange process. Later, I began to do small-scale experiments and came into contact with many instruments that were not available in school laboratories. It was also the first time that I came into contact with the on-site operation of the production system and the integrated control of the DCS system. I also consulted some relevant materials, which gave me a better understanding of the pilot experiment, and at the same time felt the importance of combining theory with practice. Then I also carefully read the production process and operation specifications of Pseudostellaria heterophylla granules, went to the workshop site to study carefully, and observed whether there was anything wrong with the documents. In just two months, I learned a lot, gained a lot of knowledge, and had a new view on things.

There is no end to learning. Our interns still have many immature places and need more improvement. Thank you for giving us such a good internship platform. In the next two months, I hope everyone can make persistent efforts and work harder and better!

(Author: Wu Xiaoqin)