Talking about Quality



Talking about Quality

"The majority of young people are both dreamers and dreamers. Pursuing dreams requires passion and ideals, and realizing dreams requires struggle and dedication." This is Xi Jinping's speech on the May 4th Youth Day and the 120 anniversary of Peking University in 2018. As a contemporary youth, as a post-90s generation who is about to become a new force in society, and as a medical person on the job, we firmly adhere to the theme of China's 42nd quality month, "return to the origin of quality, focus on quality improvement, and promote high-quality development".

The definition of quality is: the degree to which a set of inherent characteristics meet the requirements. This definition shows that quality is broad and can exist in different fields or anything. For us, quality is not only the quality of the product itself, but also the quality of the work.

graduated for two years and has been working in the quality control department. When entering this line, the family told "do this line to be cautious, professional, not negligent." Yes, the difference is as great as a thousand miles, and the medicine to cure the sick and save the patient cannot be ignored. A sense of responsibility is very important to this industry. He can urge us to strictly follow the standards. Any cheating or muddle through is not allowed. The inspector's work is busy, and the most important work content is that all incoming, intermediate products and drugs that need to be released need to be checked by our department. If you don't accumulate small steps, you can't make a river or a sea without accumulating small flows. Starting from the 1.1 drop, we should do a good job in every pass, ensure the quality of every step, and further improve the standard. At the same time of continuous learning, combined with their existing knowledge and skills, strengthen their own ability, ensure the quality of work, ensure the quality of products, realize and create job value. Because each post constitutes the enterprise as a whole, and the high standard work quality of each post can ensure the normal operation and development of the enterprise.

There is an example of quality improvement. During World War II, the safety qualification rate of parachutes made in the United States reached 99.9 under the efforts of manufacturers, but the military was not satisfied, because this meant that one person in every 1,000 parachutes would die due to the quality of parachutes. But manufacturers stressed that no product can reach an absolute 100 percent pass. Then the military changed the quality inspection method, and asked the manufacturer's head to pick one of them when delivering the goods and let it parachute to test the quality himself. Later, the pass rate was said to have reached 100 per cent. Customer satisfaction promotes quality improvement. The more picky the market is, the more we can promote our quality requirements, improve standards, and promote high-quality development. Of course, the enterprise itself should also have the internal motivation to improve quality, and the pursuit of internal and external quality is consistent, which is the absolute strategy for the rapid development of the enterprise, and can realize our national strategy of quality power step by step.

(Author: Zhang Lihua)