Quality is an attitude.



Quality is an attitude.

Quality is an attitude, the quality of the product is in the hands of each of our employees. Product quality assurance, we need to work together. For quality, we should not only "move" but also "collective action".

Quality is an attitude, and the quality of the product depends on the perception of each employee. Quality and safety are no small matter. We should do well in every small matter that we should and must do well. In our posts, we should not only finish our tasks, but also do our tasks well. It is not like as long as I can pass 60 points in school, but on the basis of 100 points, we should think about how to improve ourselves so as to reach 101 points. Only by accumulating over time can we see the gap between ourselves and others.

Quality is an attitude, and the quality of products is the foundation of enterprise survival. The guarantee of product quality requires us to regard ourselves as a member of the enterprise and deeply realize that we are a part of the enterprise, and the development of the enterprise can drive our development. In the work, every subtle link requires serious and dedicated work of employees. If the work is not careful, the operation is not standardized, and the cleaning is not in place, it may cause quality accidents. Product quality is designed and produced, not tested.

Quality is an attitude, which is not only reflected in the operation level, but more importantly in the management level, the executive level, and more importantly, the training of employees. I think the training should be based on practical operation, supplemented by theoretical knowledge, and the knowledge instilled in practical operation should be more firmly remembered than a single theory, so that complementary training can significantly improve the training effect. If it is only a mechanical training method, it is difficult to mobilize the enthusiasm of employees and affect the effect of training.

An enterprise's attitude towards "quality" is that the enterprise leader takes the lead and the management focuses on the implementation. A kind of quality formed in the operation layer for a long time is a potential non-explicit rule that cannot be taken away, cannot be run away, and penetrates into everyone's heart. It is a strong guarantee for the stability of an enterprise's product quality and is widely recognized. It is the quality culture of an enterprise. It is an important part of an enterprise's corporate culture. Only by taking this attitude of taking quality seriously throughout all aspects of the work, whether it is the quality of work or the quality of products, can there be a fundamental guarantee, otherwise, simply talking about quality is flat, single and biased.

Now everyone is talking about quality, everyone is talking about quality, it can be said that quality awareness "blossoms everywhere". Attitude decides everything! Let us put the quality of the "heart", put it in the "action!

(Author: Wu Haihui)