[Original Article] Hangzhou Travel Notes



[Original Article] Hangzhou Travel Notes

This year, I was lucky enough to take part in this three-day and two-night trip to Hangzhou with Lijiexun's family. In three days, we visited Xiao Elevator Co., Ltd., located in Yuhang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, and felt the impact of automation technology; visited Hangzhou Xixi Wetland, which integrates urban wetlands, agricultural wetlands and cultural wetlands; Wuzhen, an ancient water town in the south of the Yangtze River in China, is known as "the land of fish and rice, the house of silk", and the beautiful scenery and leisure of Hangzhou Xijiaqiao.

The first stop when I came to Hangzhou was Theo Elevator Co., Ltd., the scientific and technological control panel, the elevators of different specifications and functions built for different buildings, and the scientific and technological assembly line all amazed me. Their attention to details, their insistence on after-sales and their high requirements for partners shocked me. Although I don't understand elevators, I think it is because of their attitude of excellence that they have achieved such success.

When it comes to Hangzhou, we have to say Hangzhou West Lake, which has attracted the favor of literati and writers of all ages with its lake, mountain and cultural heritage. The Sudi of the West Lake is very beautiful. Standing on the shore, the breeze brings the willow branches to shake lightly. Even if it is early winter, it is still beautiful and beautiful.

However, compared with the beauty of West Lake, Wuzhen's "small bridge, flowing water, peace and ease" seems to make me unconsciously integrate into the busy days. This is an antique town. When taking the Wupeng boat, the scenery changes slowly. The boat travels slowly. On the edge is the gurgling water accompanied by the talking and laughing words of colleagues. In front of you is the antique small bridge and flowing water, which makes people feel carefree.

After getting off the boat, what came into view was a slate road. The alley was very narrow. The road surface was made of slates and could only pass through four people at the same time. The row of ancient buildings formed a sharp contrast with the crowded crowds on the edge. After a simple visit to several scenic spots, I entered the commercial street. There are many delicacies and specialties to choose from. Modern goods and antique streets have some conflicts. However, the exquisite river lanterns, hand-painted silk fans and the attractive aroma of various delicacies are tempting me to go in and stroll around Wuzhen for the first time.

I thought I had experienced the leisure and prosperous ancient streets of cruise ships. This trip to Wuzhen came to an end. I didn't expect Wuzhen to be so beautiful at night. The buildings by the river are lit with pale yellow lights, the lake is printed with blue-purple water, and from time to time there are boats with oars passing slowly. The illusory light brings a different kind of beauty, which makes people want to sit at the head of the bridge, watch the tourists on the road talking and laughing, and watch the wooden boat under the bridge slowly move forward, which is different from the leisurely and comfortable during the day. This is a kind of lazy beauty, which makes people unconsciously stop and feel the intoxicating beauty.

Three days is very fast, but Theo Elevator's spirit of excellence shocked me, and Hangzhou's intoxicating beauty infected me. Although I have just finished my trip to Hangzhou, the beautiful scenery makes me, who has just left this water town in the south of the Yangtze River, can't wait to see a different Hangzhou when the spring is full.

(Author: Chen Jingyan)