[Original Article] Wuzhen Travels



[Original Article] Wuzhen Travels

"Wuzhen" is an ancient town full of opportunities and challenges. It attracts a large number of tourists every year. It perfectly retains the characteristics of Jiangnan water town and presents a prosperous scene. Let's share Wuzhen travel notes.

On November 21, 2014, the first World Internet Conference ended in Wuzhen. Wuzhen, has always been in my imagination. How many books, how many pictures, how many people, are telling me that it is-what a beautiful old town. Beautiful things turned out to be so rare. For a long time, I tried every means to find opportunities to go to Wuzhen, but I never made it. I always let the beauty of this town stay in my imagination. When I stopped thinking about it, I had an unexpected surprise (company travel benefits), which gave me the opportunity to walk on the ancient stone street of Wuzhen. On November 16, 2019, we stepped into this small town of Davos in China's present and future, and experienced the charm of the water village where we live. The small bridges with resting seats, the convex and concave bluestone roads, and the rows of wooden houses built according to the water are all full of unique water customs.

When we entered the west gate, we boarded a black boat with a narrow hull and a low canopy. The boatman stood at the stern, shaking the wood pulp, inserting and pulling it. The boat slowly moved forward. The boatman's skillful technique made us full of praise. Wuzhen at noon is lively. Streets, traffic. The shouts of selling zongzi, the ringing of cars on the way, and the laughter of visitors seem to be a happy movement, full of harmony everywhere. Wuzhen leans on the river, the water, the house, and the stone path have a history of nearly two thousand years, and the people living in Wuzhen, each of them seems to be a living historical reproduction. I have seen an introduction about Wuzhen: the whole town is connected by river streets, bridge streets, houses built according to the river, deep houses and courtyards, heavy ridges and high eaves, river port Langfang, street arcades, bamboo and stone railing,

Linhe Water Pavilion, antique, water town integrated, presenting a simple, bright and clean quiet.

is indeed the case. In my opinion, the spirit of Wuzhen is in water! And the soul of Wuzhen is on the bluestone road of the thousand-year-old deep alley. In the evening, Wuzhen has another kind of beauty. The sunset on the sky is colorful, reflected in the river with the red sun, like a shy little girl, with a slight blush on her cheeks, beautiful! Moon also gradually revealed her face, with her curious and clear eyes, watching the wisps of smoke in the water village, the people driving home by boat, the brightly lit shops and everything here. There is a moon in the water, and there is water in the middle of the month, and the scene blends with each other, which is like the words of Su Dongpo: "The bright moon is like frost, the good wind is like water, and the scenery is infinite. Qugang jumps with fish, the round lotus drops dew..." The people in Wuzhen are simple and unpretentious. Time passed quickly, walking on the path paved with stone bricks, standing on the ancient stone arch bridge, we bid farewell to the sweet Jiangnan town-Wuzhen, leaving a string of beautiful reveries... Thank the company for giving us this trip, I will never forget the wonderful time in Wuzhen.

(Quality Department Wu Fengying)