[Original Article] Party A of Life



[Original Article] Party A of Life

can always be seen in the circle of friends recently: "ah, life is really too south!" Some may be just because of a simple little thing, but it is often not the boulder on the head that breaks the final defense line in our hearts. A drop of water is enough, isn't it? But because of the "south" of life, can we stop living? The answer is obvious, no. Then why not accept life, enjoy life, and strive to be the first party of life.

What is Party A? From the perspective of contract, compared with Party B, Party A is often responsible for fulfilling and fulfilling the goals and requirements of Party A, and Party A often holds more initiative. This also means that Party A can judge the effectiveness of Party B's work on a reasonable scale without violating the contract, and this sense of superiority and control from "Party A" is precisely what many people think is lacking, especially for young people. In life, we have played Party B too many times, allowing the fast pace of traffic to bind the body and soul, allowing the boring rush of 2.1 lines to overdraw vitality and passion, and gradually get lost in life. Therefore, how to become the first party of life, the ordinary life into poetry and distance, is what we are now pursuing.

I have read this sentence: "There is only one kind of heroism in the world, that is, Party A who is still willing to live after recognizing the status quo!" Life may not be perfect, and the daily troubles and trivia will not fade away, but having a positive and optimistic heart, facing the troubles of life with a positive and optimistic attitude, and resolving the discomfort in life in a humorous and wise way, as Wang Xiaobo said: "We might as well regard the past life as a novel and the past self as a character in the novel". Learn to enjoy life and lead life in order to become the first party of life.

Once upon a time there were twins with very different personalities. The elder brother was a complete pessimist, while the younger brother was like a natural optimist. On Christmas Eve when they were 8 years old, the family wanted to change their extreme personality and prepared different gifts for them: a brand new bicycle for their brother and a box full of horse manure for their younger brother. It was time to open the presents and everyone waited to see their reaction. The elder brother first opened his huge box and began to cry: "You know I can't ride a bicycle! And it's snowing so much outside!" Just as his parents were scrambling to coax him to be happy, his younger brother curiously opened the box that belonged to him. The room was suddenly filled with the smell of horse dung. Unexpectedly, his younger brother cheered and then looked around with great interest: "Tell me where you hid the horse." Life is still the same as before, but if you learn to enjoy every minute and second of life with an optimistic attitude, you can become the first party of life.

Perhaps most of the days we are running around for a living, sitting in the office every day, beating and beating in the face of a cold machine. We also lamented that life is boring and boring, and then we have to face the reality. So why not learn to make a change? Raise a pot of your favorite green plants on the table, put some cute ceramic ornaments on the table, stick some Coco Love Post-it notes on the partition window, and then write sweet words in round fonts. Or replace the computer desktop with your favorite star, look at the desktop when you are tired, and then gain full motivation. The days are still the same as before, but if you learn to use wise ways to dominate the small details of life, you can become the first party of life. Only by living in one's own way can one become Party A of life.

To be a qualified Party A, you should be responsible for your own life. Of course, Party A who is living is not to let you indulge yourself, but to take on more responsibilities. Lively can be someone else's, but life is their own, responsible for life, responsible for their own, is a qualified party a. To be a qualified Party A, one must be responsible for oneself and give up dependence. Each of us has dependence and wants to find a dependence. This kind of life is really much easier and more comfortable, but relying on others is not a long-term plan after all. Qualified Party A cares more about its own independence.

If life is a qualified Party B, we should also strive to be a qualified Party A, not dominated by life, enjoy life, lead life, and be the hero of our own life.

(Author: Tong Yan)