[Original Article] Brewing Notes



[Original Article] Brewing Notes

I accidentally found a large bag of glutinous rice when I left my home at the weekend. I remembered that my mother bought it before the Dragon Boat Festival. I wrapped zongzi and was forgotten. It looked not very beautiful but should still be eaten. Then how to deal with it? In the package once zongzi, forget it, throw is not allowed, waste of food will not only be "struck by lightning" if my mother knows, it is estimated that there will be a bad scolding. I struggled with it myself, and suddenly I had a brain in my head, thinking of the glutinous rice wine made at home before, why don't I use this glutinous rice to make a pot of sweet and fragrant glutinous rice wine? Thinking of this, I swallowed my saliva, embarrassed to expose the nature of food.

So I searched the Internet for the method of brewing rice wine and bought some Angie sweet koji in a treasure. Then I quietly waited for the koji to arrive. Soon, the koji arrived. According to the online method, I washed the glutinous rice, soaked it in water for one night in advance, soaked it to the point where you can gently sip it with your hands, then steamed it in a pan, boiled it for about 30 minutes, steamed until the glutinous rice grains are clearly separated, took it out and boiled it with a proper amount of cold white, cooled the glutinous rice to about 20 degrees, tuned the wine with warm water according to the proportion of 2-3g rice -3g, poured into the glutinous rice, and stirred rice, stirred rice, and stirred rice, and stirred. Put it in a container, press a dimple in the middle of compaction to make wine, wrap it tightly with plastic wrap, and put it in a warm place. I found a blanket to wrap it up, so that all the processes are done and put it aside quietly waiting for him to ferment. Soon two days passed, and according to the online introduction, I could already drink sweet rice wine.

I opened the blanket full of expectation, but there was no wine, and it was still dry glutinous rice. I did it strictly according to the method. Did my "wine-making business" hit Waterloo like this? I waited another day, but it was almost the same, but I had a little wine. I called my mother and asked her for help. She asked me about the process of making wine and said that it should be no problem. It is not difficult. Maybe the weather is cold and the temperature is not enough. You can add a hot water bag and wait another two days to see. So I did it my mom's way. The next day I came home from work and approached the place where the wine was placed. I smelled a faint aroma of wine. I opened the plastic wrap. Although there was not a lot of wine, there was a strong aroma of wine coming on my face. I put some from the dimple that I had pressed before. Wow, it's really sweet. It feels good to think that during the Chinese New Year, our family will drink a little rice wine made by ourselves.

There was no wine in the first two days. It turned out that the temperature and fermentation time were not enough. I could taste more wine in a few days of fermentation. This kind of rice wine can also be used to make wine balls and rice wine egg flowers. It also tastes good. If you want to drink it, you can try it yourself.

Brewing this bowl of rice wine is just like we treat work and life. A few simple steps, but also to have his sequence, yeast assists, the appropriate proportion of deployment, temperature control and patience to wait. Believe that as long as the heart can harvest good!

(Author: Zhou Liqun)