Grateful 2019 Struggle 2020



Grateful 2019 Struggle 2020

As soon as the Alipay bill came out in 2019, I was shocked by the cost of transportation. 16801.01 yuan, this is the cost of my 2019 business trip to take the bullet train. And the route chart of my plane this year has bloomed a flower on the land of China, and once again witnessed the trajectory of my life in a year.

"Busy" is the keynote of our life. I once joked with my colleagues. With a colored pen, we can light up the map of China. We clock in different places every day and check in different hotels. Maybe we are in Fujian A in the morning and already in Black A in the afternoon. Maybe some people once envied our life in the north and south, but how did they ever know that we also envied those people who came home from work with their families?

"Learning and innovation" is our direction. How to deal with the "changeable famous doctors" and the "three do not know" business personnel when going out without poems and books? I would like to take this opportunity to recommend some books to you. If you want to know compound Pseudostellaria heterophylla, please start from Basic Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, go deep into Pediatrics of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and expand from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Huangdi Neijing...

Compound Pseudostellaria heterophylla series is actually originated from "Sijunzi Decoction", and has some improvement and innovation, adding iron-zinc calcium elements which are commonly lacking in modern children, the whole prescription takes Pseudostellaria heterophylla as the monarch medicine, which has the effect of "invigorating qi and promoting body fluid, invigorating spleen and eliminating food", and "Ganoderma lucidum" and "Poria cocos" as the official medicine, which assists the monarch medicine to play a better role of "strengthening the body and consolidating the five internal organs. Some people always use Pseudostellaria heterophylla only as a drug for "digestion". In fact, in traditional Chinese medicine, "regulating the spleen is the king of medicine". Whether it is "the spleen is prosperous in the four seasons without evil" mentioned in the synopsis of the Golden Chamber, or "internal injuries to the spleen and stomach, all diseases are born from" in the theory of spleen and stomach, all further illustrate the importance of regulating the spleen of Pseudostellaria heterophylla.

is gold that always shines. Our Radix Pseudostellariae is gold and has already shone on the land of our motherland. We will continue to carry our bags and walk hand in hand in 2020.

(Author: Weng Menghan)