[Original Article] Endeavour in the midst of change-Remember the trip of Jiexun Pharmaceutical to the Canton Fair



[Original Article] Endeavour in the midst of change-Remember the trip of Jiexun Pharmaceutical to the Canton Fair

From December 4 to 6, 2018, the national pharmaceutical talents gathered in Yangcheng to share the grand gathering of the pharmaceutical industry-the 80th National Pharmaceutical Fair.

Under the leadership of Fujian Pharmaceutical Industry Association, Lijiexun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. participated in the exhibition with full enthusiasm with compound Taizhishen granules (oral liquid), Zengye oral liquid, phenobarbital sodium for injection, vinpocetine for injection and other products. Our leaders attached great importance to it and personally led the company team to carefully arrange the exhibition and actively participate in this grand meeting, feel the power of progress in change. During the

exhibition, professional drug dealers from all over the country consulted and discussed our products, and even agents from all over the country came here for our series of Pseudostellaria heterophylla products and benzpa. During the exhibition, the number of visitors to our booth exceeded 10,000, expanding our brand awareness and enhancing our awareness of new products.

In this drug fair, the marketing department's experience in participating in the fair in the past years has prepared "sufficient" relevant materials. On the first day of the fair, the product catalog and color pages were in short supply. Finally, some information should not be left for subsequent exhibitors to read, so that interested customers can obtain the contact information of sales personnel, through the way of mobile phone camera collection of relevant product information. Through this exhibition,

provides a good communication platform and marketing atmosphere for our enterprises, understands the cutting-edge information of the pharmaceutical industry for the first time, exchanges and interactions among pharmaceutical enterprises, and seeks development in friendly competition. it has laid a solid foundation for sales and increment in 2019.

2018 is 40 years of reform and opening up and 10 years of new medical reform. With the implementation of a series of policies such as zero drug addition, medical insurance fee control, graded diagnosis and treatment, two-vote system, secondary bargaining, etc., pharmaceutical enterprises must open up a new development path in the reform if they want by going up one flight of stairs. We, Lijiexun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., always adhere to the concept of "good medicine for health", adhere to the quality policy of "drug quality first, product safety first" in "change", and strive to enter the era of R & D and innovation in "change". Write a new chapter in "change.

(Author: Weng Menghan)