[Original Article] Syndrome Differentiation and Treatment Effect First



[Original Article] Syndrome Differentiation and Treatment Effect First

In order to improve the hospital academic representatives' understanding of the product characteristics of Compound Pseudostellariae Granules (Oral Liquid) and better grasp the relevant knowledge of the product, so as to better communicate with the target doctors on syndrome differentiation and treatment of Compound Pseudostellariae Granules (Oral Liquid), so that doctors can use this product more accurately, so that the product can truly serve the health of patients and truly achieve academic promotion. Lijiexun Pharmaceutical Marketing Department held the fourth hospital academic representative training course in Fuzhou Lijiexun Company on May 7, 2019.

This training was given by three lecturers, product manager Weng Menghan, sales manager Bao Haifei and marketing manager Yang Degui, who gave a comprehensive explanation and analysis on the syndrome differentiation and treatment, product characteristics and common market conditions of compound Pseudostellaria granules (oral liquid).

First, Mr. Weng introduced the corporate culture of Lijiexun Pharmaceutical and shared the special content "Product Characteristics of Compound Pseudostellaria Granules". Mr. Weng made a detailed analysis and explanation of the product composition, indications, treatment mechanism, usage and dosage, clinical efficacy and other aspects of Compound Pseudostellaria Granules (Oral Liquid), enabling academic representatives to have a deeper understanding of the product characteristics and functional indications. At the same time, it also focuses on the advantages of the product-high safety and good therapeutic effect. Pseudostellaria heterophylla, Poria cocos, hawthorn, rice bud and malt have all entered the list of medicine and food homology of the Ministry of Health. Pseudostellaria heterophylla does not cause precocious puberty in children and is suitable for long-term use by children. It can comprehensively regulate children's physique.

The second agenda of the meeting is to discuss clinical issues and exchange marketing experience. Manager Bao Haifei and Manager Yang Degui elaborated on the common problems in the market and how to promote this product more efficiently in the hospital terminal and better serve the clinic. Manager Bao, with his rich practical experience in marketing, and Manager Yang Degui, with his profound and professional marketing promotion theory, jointly tutored academic representatives on how to promote products and how to communicate with doctors more efficiently, thus benefiting academic representatives greatly.

The course ends to enter the market situation and answer questions. Through one-to-one question and answer, we can understand the current problems in each region and each hospital so as to analyze and solve the problems. Manager Bao Haifei and Manager Yang Degui gave wonderful answers to the questions raised, and the atmosphere was very warm.

This training meeting has achieved the expected goal, improved the academic representatives' mastery of product knowledge, and greatly increased the confidence of academic representatives through mutual recommendation of promotion methods and sharing of successful cases, laying a solid foundation for the next step of products entering hospital pharmacies.

2019, we Do not forget your initiative mind, adhering to the concept of good medicine for health, continue to move forward and create a better future!

(by Chen Jingyan and Weng Menghan)