[Original Article] Reflecting on Yourself in Making Mistakes-Remember the Adventures of Taking Eva for a Morning Run



[Original Article] Reflecting on Yourself in Making Mistakes-Remember the Adventures of Taking Eva for a Morning Run

When preparing to go for a morning run one morning, Xiao Bao (6 years old) also woke up and asked him if he wanted to go for a run together. He said: Wait for him for a while and go together.

When we were ready, we went for a run together. Xiao Bao asked, "Where are we going today?"

I said: "Run to the playground!

He wanted to ride a bike and helped him with his bike. When he got downstairs, after riding for a short period of time, he said that the bike was not easy to ride and he didn't want to ride any more. He had to help him to send the bike to a toy store.

We continued to run. After running for 1 kilometer, the distance between Xiao Bao and me was always about 20 meters. Someone in front of us came with two puppies. I was worried that Xiao Bao would arrive. I kept looking at the puppies and then couldn't keep up with me. I thought so in my heart, so I didn't dare to stay too far away from Xiao Bao.

fork intersection

passes through here, which is a fork intersection (see figure), and it is called the left intersection and the right intersection, and then there are two roads in parallel. the line of sight can be seen. sometimes, Xiao Bao will take the right intersection and then run for more than 20 meters, go around to the left intersection and meet me, but today there is always an ominous feeling, worried that the two puppies will attract him, and then, we will miss each other, thought of here, I quickly looked back, really, I can't see him, I am worried, run back, the more back, the less his shadow, after catching up with the dog owner in front, the dog owner said, he did not see the child.

I think Xiao Bao should not go back, he must continue to move forward, because he will feel that his mother is always in front of him. along the way, I met two or three people. I asked if I saw any children. they all said they didn't see them. the more I asked, the more panic I felt.

sports ground

finally ran to the sports ground. I was looking forward to Xiao Bao's shadow. really, I saw Xiao Bao, shouted Xiao Bao's name loudly, and quickly ran to Xiao Bao's front. Xiao Bao did not cry loudly, but his eyes were red and shed tears, saying: mom, where have you been? I can't find you.

"Mom too, scared me to death, fortunately, you wait for me here, it's great to see you!" Said, holding him in his arms, and then led him slowly to the direction of home.

said to him: "The playground is our base area. If you can't find your mother again, you must wait for me here in the base area."


"If you hadn't waited for Mom, would you have known the way home?"

"I know."

We did walk this road many times, but it is 1.5 kilometers away from home, and I am still very worried.

is fine. Most of the people who can get up early to walk this road are old people. There are also some people who love sports, running and dancing ghost steps. The chances of bad people will be less.

I am lucky. Xiao Bao did not panic when something happened. he was able to find the playground by himself and wait for me to find him at the playground. fortunately, he did not wait too long for me. in case I made a mistake and did not continue to look for him in the direction of the playground, too many variables might occur. through this time, Xiao Bao and I said, next time, the distance between the two of us cannot be too far apart. We need to be in each other's sight all the time, within 10 meters of each other.

When I returned to the intersection where I couldn't find him, he couldn't see me. I asked him to repeat why we couldn't see each other just now. He demonstrated that he didn't walk at the intersection different from mine. He did see two puppies. He didn't approach the puppy. He just slowed down, looked at the puppy and walked along.

Through this incident, I also reflected:

1. Take Xiao Bao out for a run in the future. Don't know too many pipes. Be sure to keep a safe distance from Xiao Bao within 10 meters.

. I need to wear glasses. I don't wear glasses when running at ordinary times. When I really want to find someone, wearing glasses will improve my clarity;

, take Xiao Bao as the center, not run by oneself as the center, he is slow and I am slow, he is fast and I am fast.

As a warning, whether you are running or playing with him in the future, you must abide by the above principles and remember! Remember!

(Author: Li Juan)