[Original article] May every day wake you up is a dream



[Original article] May every day wake you up is a dream

What is a dream? Every day, many new ideas appear and disappear, and those who do not die are called dreams. Some people say that life is not only about living in front of us, but also about poems and distant places. We came to this world with bare hands and empty feet, desperate to find our own home.

A lone bird, it flies over the vicissitudes of life, waving its wings to strange places one by one, that is not its place to stay, it is not born for a home, it is its dream to move forward. The earth is the garment and the sky is the cover. It is not strong, but it is willing to wantonly fan its wings and appreciate the scenery along the way. Tomorrow is its direction.

As life becomes more and more depressing, we gradually lose ourselves in life. Dreams become dreams, often appearing but becoming out of reach. When we were young, we could work hard for a reward, or we could run hard for a candy. Some people say that growing up is something we want and then we don't want it. In fact, it's just knowing that we can't do it. But, really can't do it? Growing up the most terrible thing is to learn to protect themselves, a cavity of solitary courage of the impulse less and less, more and more thoughtful trade-offs.

I envy those who can work hard for their dreams, even if they are beyond redemption, they have been walking on the road. Go forward, if the heart is on the road, where is the direction. Instead of being confused every day, it is better to grow up in loss and be strong in disappointment. Ordinary is very simple, willing to be ordinary but difficult, everyone has a heroic dream in his heart, and spend his life in the way he likes.

Don't always complain about the environment. As a human being, you can change it by yourself. The future is uncertain. You can walk slowly, but don't step back. May every day wake up for your dreams.

(Author: Lin Yaxian)