High sense of self-worth



High sense of self-worth

We often say that a person is confident, mainly because Ta has a high sense of self-worth. In practice, it is easy to misunderstand that a person has a high sense of self-worth because he is good enough, that is, he has many advantages and achievements; a person has a low sense of self-worth because of his shortcomings and shortcomings. What is a person with a high sense of self-worth like?

On the way to promote products on a business trip, I met some people. Ta's themselves are not very good, and many things may not be perfect, but Ta's are very confident from beginning to end and have a very high degree of recognition of themselves and what they have. In their mouth, there will be no time to feel sorry for themselves, just constantly sum up and reflect on themselves. Therefore, at the moment, no matter what kind of situation Ta are in, they will believe and recognize themselves very much. Because of the self-confidence of thinking, actions will also change accordingly, resulting in a good cycle and accumulation, and everything will develop in a better and better direction.

Of course, there are many ways and means to achieve a sense of high value, but in the end we need to have the ability to break through and break through our current thinking to change and improve ourselves. The simplest way is to try role-playing.

Although this word sounds like acting in a drama or playing a game, role-playing is not unfamiliar to us at all. When we were young, we would use role-playing to "live" the life we want and do things that are not allowed or impossible in ordinary life. Psychologists have found that most people can start to "pretend" to do something between the ages of one and a half and two and a half. Most of the roles and contents played before the age of 3 are closely related to their real life. After the age of 5, people can play some roles that do not belong to their own life or "belong to" adults. We are keen to play them all our lives.

By playing a certain role, you can enter another character setting completely different from your current self, acquire or make some performances that you did not or could not make, and experience your unprecedented experience.

For example, the "mock interview" we use in our daily life is a kind of role-playing. Mock interview can help us master the skills of interview. For example, we will help ourselves to prepare by simulating the interviewer and the interviewer, listing the questions that may be asked, and preparing to give the corresponding answers skillfully.

and many such methods will be used in our usual promotion. Simulate the customer, imagine if I were a customer, where would my focus be on the product? What kind of demands would I put forward? What kind of answers would I want to get? So as to find a better fit with the customer through simulation, and improve the customer's recognition and sense of value for the product.

Role playing can let people have both "self in reality" and "self in role", artificially creating a parallel world belonging to you, making us "have" several different lives at the same time. This kind of immersive play can make our original personality, acting style, etc. will also change in it. Through these changes, we can find a way to break through our usual thinking and give ourselves better affirmation and better hints. So as to improve self-recognition and trust yourself more in study and work!

(Author: Liu Huiqiong)