Theo's Journey



Theo's Journey

factory area management: the garden-like factory area is equipped with landscape fish ponds and fountains, the road markings are clearly visible, the factory area is equipped with special car parking areas and large bus parking areas, the vehicles are neatly arranged, giving people the impulse to stop and take photos;

Management System: Theo demonstrated the development and technological innovation of elevator industry one by one in the exhibition hall, a unique management system, it can effectively realize the dual management of employees and customers, track the working status of maintenance employees, and effectively manage the maintenance plan and implementation of customer elevators through the "Big Dipper Intelligent Service System", realize rapid maintenance, timely assessment, and pass customer Satisfaction, to evaluate one's own working ability, and truly put customers in the first place in the management of the whole company.


Through Theo's advanced management system, I think of our company's advocacy of "the previous process serves the next process". At the system level, there is a lack of effective supervision and assessment mechanism. As the quality supervision between processes has been established, it is difficult to get out of the shackles of human nature and carry out the work on a case-by-case. Therefore, it is suggested that the company should integrate the existing supervision reward and punishment mechanism between processes and departments, and establish post data and department data collection forms, which should be processed by a third party, such as the administrative department, according to the mechanism after monthly sorting.

Staff Honor and Visual Management: We followed the steps of the explaining teacher and gradually went deep into Theo's office area. At the end of the corridor, there was a relatively atmospheric "Staff Honor Wall", which clearly recorded various award-winning honors and was reviewed by every visitor. The corridor is covered with famous sayings, "Quality is a kind of practicality, that is, the product can meet the requirements of users during use", "Employee training is a strategic investment with the least risk and the greatest return for the enterprise", simple language, Let me feel Theo's strong cultural heritage, as if to see Theo's employees have been walking on the road of practicing truth.


The exhibition hall of our pharmaceutical factory lacks the elegant demeanour display of outstanding employees. It is suggested to set up an inherent visiting route in the company and a display wall for outstanding employees on the visiting route, so that every visitor and new employee can remember those who have made outstanding contributions to the company before and now.

Standardized workshop management system: Theo production workshop adopts a modern elevator intelligent manufacturing command center, which can online monitor the production progress of each process, order completion, post abnormal situation handling progress, energy consumption proportion, quality information and other contents. The workshop is equipped with visiting corridors and standardized "positioning identification lines". Each post is hung with eye-catching safety billboards and assembly processes, the simple pictorial flow chart allows employees to learn quickly and master operation skills easily. Theo is equipped with a professional training space "Theo University". Every new employee will enter the university for induction training and on-the-job operation skills training. Through the evaluation of the training effect of employees, dynamic tracking is realized to ensure that each employee can meet the job requirements. At the same time, the courses that have not reached the training purpose this year will be included in the training plan for the next year;


The workshop management of our company has established visual and pictorial management modes such as operation process, cleaning process, post process, maintenance, etc. with the efforts of all employees, but in terms of process update and employee implementation, there is a certain disconnect. It is suggested to organize process revision at least once a year according to the production situation of each workshop, so that employees can demonstrate the operation and collect photos of employees as the demonstration draft of the process to improve the ownership spirit of employees.

Excellent performance management: Our company is in the early stage of standardized and compliance management, and there are common problems such as bloated process and low execution efficiency. The training in Theo introduced the dual performance management concept of process and KPI indicators to me. By determining the main person responsible for the implementation of the process and combining the quantifiable KPI indicators in each link of the process, the implementation management of the whole chain was realized. At the same time, based on customer satisfaction, the process is simplified and modified to improve the efficiency of the implementation of each process.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. This trip to Theo, accompanied by a relaxed and pleasant trip to Wuzhen, made me tired in the car, enjoy the happiness of being with my colleagues, stop and go, and purify my mind. Thank you for your company's trip to Hangzhou, and thank the sweethearts who paid silently for this activity.

(Author: Wang Ping)