I have a date with Theo.



I have a date with Theo.

Name: Theo.

Date of birth: 2004.

native place: Hangzhou, Zhejiang.

industry: elevator machine research and development, design, production, sales, installation and after-sales maintenance.

One day in November, the sky was blue and the wind was soft. I walked happily, came to Hangzhou, had the honor to know Theo. Theo is a very rich "man". He not only spent 0.505 billion yuan when he was born, but also owned a "mansion" covering an area of 290000 square meters ".


At the beginning, I thought that a rich "man" like Theo would be high above and not easy to get close to, but what I didn't expect was that he saw me smiling and generously stretching out his arms, letting me walk into his... his "mansion" for the first time ".

When I walked into Theo's "mansion", my eyes suddenly lit up and I saw a beautiful woman in uniform. I saw her wearing a microphone, straight figure, light makeup, dignified and courteous, deeply attracted me, not to ban my heart that is already a pool of stagnant water slightly ripples, messed up my heart ......

Suddenly, a sweet and pleasant voice like a yellow warbler sounded in my ear headset, waking me up from a dream. At this time, I suddenly realized that she not only looks good, her voice is also very nice. I saw her move slowly and gracefully. In her euphemistic voice, unconsciously, I was her "hook" into a hall (exhibition hall).

Entering the gate of the exhibition hall, the first thing displayed in front of us is the history of the development of the world elevator. The "book wall" of stainless steel, from 1845 to 1996, the birth of each technology to manufacture elevators, all represent the breadth and depth of human wisdom.

Then, we came to the customer experience area. What was displayed in front of us was an electronic screen. This is a "Big Dipper" intelligent service system. It is an all-round service management platform of "Internet Elevator". It integrates the real-time status of elevators, customer needs and after-sales services. It can not only realize the effective interaction between the company management end, the owner end and the property end, real-time and effective information sharing, to achieve the exchange of people and elevators, but also to achieve elevator fault warning, prevention, fault process remote monitoring, through the intelligent scheduling engine, routine maintenance, emergency fault handling optimization operation, improve the effectiveness of employees and work efficiency.


went further in, suddenly enlightened, the bright hall displayed different ladder products, such as XO-NEWIII 10 m/s ultra-high speed ladder, XO-GMEIII steel belt elevator, XO-MRLIII thin main machine without machine room passenger elevator and other products. Each ladder type of product represents a different advanced technology of Theo.

turns into an arc-shaped corridor. On both sides of the corridor are 1:1 simulation elevator models. There are different styles of household elevators, passenger elevators and villa elevators. The interior design of domestic elevator and passenger elevator is warm and comfortable, while the interior design of villa ladder is luxurious and magnificent, full of superior and distinguished style.

After watching different styles of elevator models, we came to the display area of the elevator man-machine interface (key panel). The man-machine interface of the elevator has direct contact with human vision. The content of the display module, the feel of the keys, and the processing of each module should not only consider the beauty, but also consider its comfort and convenience. The man-machine interface of the elevator in the display area is a true color LCD screen, some use LCD buttons, some use stainless steel light-emitting buttons, some use blind buttons, and some use face recognition technology and voice recognition technology, so that people can enjoy the fully automatic ladder experience from the beginning of entering the door, perfectly interpreting the modern and technological sense of the product.

Seeing here, I couldn't help sighing and giving Theo a thumbs up. Theo not only realizes the intelligence of services, but also realizes the intelligence of products. With the advancement of national manufacturing strategies such as "Made in China 2025" and "German Industrial 4.0", automation, informatization, and intelligence have become an indispensable part of enterprises to build their own intelligent manufacturing system. I think Theo's manufacturing must also be It is intelligent.

We came to Theo's production workshop. As I expected, Theo has achieved intelligent manufacturing. In the huge production workshop, there are only a few workers walking around, and more of them are operating skillfully, completing each manufacturing process perfectly and methodically.


What is more interesting is that there are several round and short unknown machines moving back and forth in the aisle of the workshop. They look stupid and cute. I like them very much. I deliberately teased one of the "little cute" and deliberately blocked its way. I thought it would hit me, but it stopped "politely". When I walked away, it slowly moved again. I was very surprised. After asking, I realized that they were intelligent carrying cars.

This intelligent handling trolley is a two-dimensional code navigation backpack AGV, which can carry goods and production parts to complete the transportation between various stations. It has driving functions such as forward, backward, and turning. When the detection area encounters obstacles, it automatically decelerates and stops moving forward, and the obstacles are eliminated and the task is automatically continued, which is very safe.

out of the production workshop, the sky outside is still very blue, the sun is also very soft. Looking around, my eyes were instantly attracted. At this moment, what can instantly attract my attention is of course not a group of graceful beauties, but a tall building marked with the letter "XIOLIFT. This tall building towered straight into the clouds, a hundred meters high, standing out among the buildings. This tall building is Theo's 120-meter test tower and the experience building of Theo's high-speed elevator. Under the guidance of the uniform beauty, I experienced the 10 m/s high-speed elevator developed by Theo. When I began to experience the high-speed elevator, I was excited and excited. My eyes were staring at the rising speed on the display screen. Unfortunately, the high-rise building was not high enough, and the speed of 10 m/s ended before it started, which made me a little regretful.

The setting sun is sloping to the west. Happy time always passes quickly. It's time to leave. Although Theo is not a human being, it is just an elevator company, but I am a little reluctant to leave it when I leave, and I seem to have a feeling of falling in love with it. What lovers fear most is breaking up, but I can meet it, even breaking up is a different kind of wonderful. During my appointment with Theo, I learned a lot, which not only improved my knowledge, but also filled me with hope for the future.

The future must be an era of intelligence. I firmly believe in it.

wrote here, the night is already deep, although there are thousands of words, but I want to sleep, can only add two last sentences:

Hangzhou Theo Elevator Co., Ltd., goodbye!

Fujian Mindong Lijiexun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., thank you!

(Author: Zhou Xiandong)