[Original Article] Li Jie Xun Enters "China's Intelligent Manufacturing" Hangzhou Theo



[Original Article] Li Jie Xun Enters

On the morning of November 15, 2019, we embarked on a study trip to Hangzhou, looking forward to making the scenery along the way more beautiful and making the long drive no longer boring. The enterprise we visited and studied is Hangzhou Theo Elevator Co., Ltd. located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. Hangzhou Theo Elevator Co., Ltd. was established in 2004 and is located in the scenic Yuhang National Economic and Technological Development Zone in Hangzhou. It is an industry-leading elevator research and development, design, production, sales, installation and after-sales maintenance. Modern comprehensive elevator manufacturing service provider.


As the bus slowly drove into the garden-like company gate, business receptionists and administrative staff were already waiting at the gate. The warm sunshine shines on the body, and the smiling service of Theo elevator staff makes us feel relaxed and happy for the first time. After getting off the bus, with the help of the administrative staff, we wore a Bluetooth receiving headset (easy to listen to the explanation information). After entering the reception hall, the business receptionist explained the process and matters needing attention of today's visit in detail, and we officially started the study tour of Theo Elevator.

first entered the enterprise exhibition hall. from the birth history of elevators, the birth of the world's first hydraulically driven elevator in 1845 to the driving technology of AC permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine in 1996, history has witnessed the innovation and progress of science and technology. Modern Internet cloud service technology is used on the large screen of the customer experience area to realize "smart factory and smart manufacturing". A large amount of data such as Theo elevator information, employee information and maintenance records from all over the country are displayed on the screen. The elevator maintenance service is put first by using the data, giving customers a reassuring use experience. Visitors like us can also quickly understand the business volume and comprehensive strength of the enterprise through the data. In the research and development and design of product traction machine, door machine, interior decoration, control panel, etc., technological innovation and technological breakthrough have been realized, making the product more intelligent, humanized and safer to use.



then entered the office area, and the corridor was pasted with famous famous words of scientists at home and abroad, encourage enterprises to never stop innovating. On the honor wall, we can see that Theo Elevator is the only national intelligent manufacturing demonstration pilot enterprise in the industry. Theo Elevator has responded positively to the national policy and set up a cloud service data control center. With "scientific and technological innovation" as its strategic orientation, it has joined hands with Internet giants such as Aliyun and HKUST Xunfei, which not only penetrates artificial intelligence into the production process, but also into the service system and products, the development and application of CRM, ERP, MES and other international leading industrial data systems, covering the collection and traceability of the whole manufacturing process, greatly promoting the efficiency of intelligent manufacturing, and realizing seamless docking and efficient operation in the whole process of product design, research and development, manufacturing, sales, installation and maintenance. Theo Company has also built an experimental maintenance elevator room for engineering technicians to train and learn. The company has established a perfect training system for management and technical personnel, and has set up a group of excellent training lecturers. The training simulation site safety signs are eye-catching and the site is clean and tidy.

Then, with the pace of business reception, we entered the production area of the first phase of the factory building, covering an area of about 290000 square meters. The scene we saw was an orderly place. Each process was clearly divided. The 5S management and visual management of the area were in place. The information column of each production process area was pasted with information such as post operation procedures, equipment operation procedures, safety signs, technical improvement targets, etc. No one was seen in the production workshop of Nuoda. It can be seen that the degree of intelligence is very high. Most of the processes on the site of the first "black light factory" in the industry are completed by intelligent mechanical arms, replacing manual labor to reduce potential safety hazards. Even the "porters" look like large "sweeping robots" and are transporting materials back and forth according to their routes. After watching the workshop for intelligent production, we walked out of the production area and saw a large escalator and a 32-storey test building in front of us. Under the guidance of business reception, we experienced large escalators and XO-NEWIII 10 m/s ultra-high-speed elevators, creating a "Chinese speed" with a maximum elevator speed of 10 m/s ". The spirit of breakthrough and innovation of enterprises is worth learning.


Finally, we arrived at Theo Conference Hall. Chen Zong, head of enterprise quality, trained us the course "Excellent Performance Management". Since 2010, Hangzhou Theo Elevator has introduced the excellent performance mode and continuously promoted the "intelligent upgrade" of enterprise research and development, management, production and service based on the concept of "three extremes and four intelligences". From "Made in China" to "Made in China", innovation has always been Theo's DNA. Theo innovates to create an intelligent elevator manufacturing industrial brain, injects wisdom into every production line, realizes interconnection between production lines, and independently controls the production process. Elevator capacity and production cycle to achieve a full "acceleration", capacity increased by 32%, delivery cycle shortened by 60%.

By entering Theo's research trip, we have learned a lot; integrity is the foundation of one's life, and enterprises should treat suppliers, agents, customers, shareholders, and social integrity in the process of development. If we only seek immediate interests rather than the everlasting development trajectory, we will inevitably be eliminated by the market sooner or later.


Service is the future. Service is not only to solve the problems that arise, but also to respond quickly to the needs of customers. It is never satisfied and the driving force for improvement.

Win-win is the foundation of cooperation. Pursue long-term development and mutual benefit of agents and suppliers, learn from cooperation and improve in cooperation. Through the combination of wisdom and team cooperation, we can achieve complementary advantages, and achieve sustainable development on the basis of transmitting the win-win concept to shareholders, employees, customers, agents, suppliers, partners and society and maximizing their value.


How to promote the development of the enterprise finally, Theo gave us the answer, that is, crisis awareness and crisis management. Any prosperity is only temporary. The enterprise does not succeed forever, only continuous development. Only by maintaining a sense of crisis and mission at all times can we have a desire to surpass ourselves and a clear understanding of ourselves. At the point of crisis, there is both danger and opportunity. The goal of crisis management is to turn danger into opportunity. Crisis management is truly able to reflect the ability and level of managers. The short three-hour study and exchange made us know that there is still a long way to go in the future, but we have been making breakthroughs and making progress, and we have been on the road. Looking forward to a more brilliant tomorrow for Lijiexun Pharmaceuticals.

(Author: Chen Chao)