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On January 1, 2020, New Year's Day, no one would have imagined that the Spring Festival of the Year of the Rat would become so "different"; when masks were still available at roadside pharmacies, no one realized that masks, a common but not always available material, would become a national shortage of materials. Before Wuhan was closed, no one has noticed that the epidemic has reached such a stage ...... Although we have heard some wind before this, we as far away as Fujian have not paid much attention to it. We just go out and wear a mask unconsciously for comfort.

The sudden epidemic finally spread to Fujian and Fuzhou, disrupting one of the most important festivals in the country-"Spring Festival". Everyone "consciously" put on masks, canceled the religious sacrificial activities on the first day of the new year, and canceled the visits between brothers, sisters and elders. Even the endless stream of firecrackers during the Spring Festival in previous years felt much less.

When the epidemic situation is getting more and more serious, we can all retire to our homes, but there are still some people who are "not afraid"! Medical staff stood on the front line of the epidemic, rescuing and treating patients infected with the virus day and night; the staff of the street community worked overtime to publicize and supervise the prevention and control of the epidemic, and erected an invisible protective wall for everyone; the delivery of takeout couriers Still working day and night, contributing their strength to the protection of people's livelihood.


However, in such a severe moment, there are always people who are really not afraid! Knowing that you have a cold and fever, you still continue the tradition of the Spring Festival to attend parties and banquets, which may eventually spread the virus to more people. It's like the front is fighting fiercely, while the rear is being infiltrated and destroyed by spies, adding pressure to the front that could have been avoided.

In this extraordinary period, we should treat life with peace of mind, break loneliness with positive actions, and wait for spring flowers to bloom. As the Internet jokingly said, "staying at home is the greatest contribution to society". People who are usually busy at work, have a lot of communication, and often travel outside should make use of this rare and precious free time to spend more time with their families at home, chat with their mothers, drink tea and play chess with their fathers, or calm down to read books and recharge their batteries. In addition, at home, we must take protective measures and understand the basic knowledge of the source of the virus, so that we can understand the virus from the root, prevent the virus, and let the virus have nowhere to enter. We will work together to overcome the difficulties and resolutely win the battle of epidemic prevention and control!


(Author: Cai Weihuang)