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2020 New Year's Eve, the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic originating in Wuhan spread across the country. It was the Spring Festival, which was supposed to celebrate the year of reunion, but the whole city was shrouded in the shadow of the sudden epidemic, and the festive flavor of the New year gradually lost its original flavor, thus having a special New year. "The epidemic is an order, prevention and control is the responsibility", since the outbreak of the epidemic, the whole alert, as a pharmaceutical enterprise, Fujian Province Mindong Lijiexun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. also actively increase prevention and control efforts, to ensure the safety of employees, for the smooth resumption of work to achieve "early planning, early action, early deployment".

The outbreak is under control, the fighting spirit is high, and the research and development center is in full swing under the company's all-round protection. On February 20, 2020, the R & D Center held the 2020 New Year Mobilization Meeting, with all the staff of the R & D Center attending the meeting. Due to the epidemic factors, some members were unable to return to the company as scheduled, the R & D center changed from time to time, using the WeChat language dialogue meeting format, and in order to avoid full gathering, the venue was divided into Fuzhou first and second conference rooms, pharmaceutical factory conference rooms, Beijing, Anhui and other quarantined member residences and other 9 venues. The meeting was held smoothly and ended successfully. At the

meeting, Dr. Wang Haiyan, vice president of research and development, directly focused on conveying the eight plans and goals set by the company in 2020. Among them, the five goals and tasks closely related to the research and development center were emphasized, including: obtained 1 clinical approval document for a national class I new drug, completed the research on the technology of drug-loaded microspheres for high-end preparations, completed the on-site verification of 1 peptide preparation before production, completed the registration declaration of 1 consistency evaluation drug, and obtained the registration certificate of 1 re-evaluation drug. It is not difficult to see from the above goals and tasks, as Dr. Wang said: 2020 is a year of flowering and fruiting. The research and preparation work of the major projects in the early stage will finally come to an end in 2020.

At the same time, Dr. Wang also conveyed the company's attention and support to the work of the research and development center. On the one hand, for the research of high-end preparation projects, the company completed the appointment of directors of the four key research offices of the high-end preparation research institute, and increased the introduction of high-end preparation professionals, while increasing the investment in research and development costs to fully escort the smooth development of high-end preparation projects. On the other hand, the company will not relax in the registration and declaration of various projects, and will give great support to the R & D center. The R & D center will also make every effort to speed up the pace of the declaration work. In order to achieve the development goal of in 2020, the company takes the overall situation and coordinates all parties. Both talent appointment and financial support are sufficient to prove the company's high expectation for the R & D center. There is a long way to go. The company has entrusted it with heavy responsibilities. We should forge ahead.

For this reason, Dr. Wang put forward the four-character working policy of "sharing and sharing" in order to better promote the working spirit of the R & D center to unite and advance together and overcome all difficulties. At the same time, it is also to build the culture of the R & D center. "Sharing" means sharing more with others, sharing knowledge, experience, and ideas. Only by sharing with each other can the happiness obtained be long-term and can promote the unity and cooperation of the work team; "sharing" means sharing what is missing for others. If you share more, your ability will naturally be improved, which can be reflected in inter-departmental assistance. All in all, the "sharing and sharing" proposed by Dr. Wang is the central idea of the team building of the R & D center. The ancients said: if one thousand people are of one mind, one thousand people will be able to do it; if ten thousand people are disloyal, there is no use for one. Therefore, only when you have me in you, I have you in me, and the team is united, can the profit be cut off.

The team work ultimately serves the project, and the project development also drives the team building. After listening to the company's expectations and requirements conveyed by Dr. Wang and the four-character policy of "sharing and sharing" put forward by , the members of the research and development center all expressed their opinions one after another. they reviewed the past and looked forward to the future around their own work responsibilities, summarized the work in the past year, sorted out the work plan for 2020, and also put forward their own opinions on work improvement and team building.

2020 is a bumper year, but also a year of cultivation. Common sweat yesterday, today common harvest fruit. In the coming year, the R & D center will also be more firm in its goals, go hand in hand, and always implement "sharing and sharing" in practical work. The team will unite, make common progress, grow together, and strive to create a better tomorrow for the company.

(Author: Chen Lin)