[Original article] Epidemic relief, these 3 habits must be adhered



[Original article] Epidemic relief, these 3 habits must be adhered

At the beginning of 2020, because of the epidemic, we started a life of full protection.

Brushing the latest developments of the epidemic every day, we have seen confirmation that the growth is getting slower and slower, and the cure rate has improved. This "battle without gunpowder smoke" has seen hope!

This period of the epidemic is probably the time when everyone is most hygienic, wearing masks, washing hands frequently, and disinfecting more, never paying so much attention to the cleanliness of life. But the healthiest life can't just lie in the epidemic period. "Pay more attention to protection and hygiene at ordinary times" is also the lesson from this epidemic. Especially in the most recent period, when the epidemic has not passed and it is a rework period, it is even more important to take protective measures. In addition to wearing masks, home disinfection measures are also protective bonus ! Not only to protect themselves, but also the responsibility of the family. Frequently contacted places may also contain viruses ▼

, even on clothes, which are inevitably contaminated with bacteria and viruses. Some coats don't change often. If you go out in a supermarket or other confined space and someone sneezes, you may bring germs home. Especially families with children and the elderly need to pay special attention to family hygiene. Therefore, we must adhere to the following three habits☉Pay attention to hygiene: disinfection during the epidemic period, and daily sterilization and decontamination should also be done to prevent problems before they occur;☉Early to bed and early to rise, do not stay up late: improve immunity, in order to prevent infection;☉Less takeout, return to the family: the epidemic can not go out, but also pay attention to the period of family safety. May the people of the whole country unite as one and win this "battle without gunpowder" as soon as possible "!!!

Author: Chen Ying