[Original article] The world is so big, but I happened to be able to meet you.



[Original article] The world is so big, but I happened to be able to meet you.

In 2004, a doctor in Wugang City, Shaoyang City, Hunan Province, her baby was only 8 months old. At that time, the doctor in charge had a cold and diarrhea. Doctor

quickly cured her baby's cold, but the baby's diarrhea problem did not improve for many days. After contacting the doctor's friend, the doctor bought the compound Pseudostellaria granules recommended by the friend to treat the baby's diarrhea, and the baby recovered soon.

tube doctor therefore very much approved the compound Pseudostellaria heterophylla granule, the clinic also introduced this medicine, for other patients with respiratory and digestive system related diseases treatment and immune adjustment and physical conditioning, has achieved very good results, very popular with the parents of children.

After Pseudostellaria heterophylla was recommended by the State Health and Family Planning Commission and the Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine for the prevention and treatment of H1N1 influenza in 2009, the price of Pseudostellaria heterophylla rose sharply, and the compound Pseudostellaria heterophylla granules were forced to stop production due to the high price of Pseudostellaria heterophylla. After the price of

Pseudostellaria heterophylla dropped, the production of compound Pseudostellaria heterophylla granules resumed, but the company could not contact the doctor.

Until one day, our new sales team visited the doctor by chance, and then heard the touching story of the doctor's mother . When the doctor took out the reserved old medicine box, we shed tears of emotion.

tube doctors also immediately resumed taking drugs and helped more patients with compound Pseudostellaria heterophylla granules.

benevolence of healers! The healer's benevolence! The ultimate goal is to help more people in need. If you want it, I have it!

(Author: Yang Degui)