What kind of person do you want to be?



What do you want to do after graduation? Are you satisfied with this job now? What do you want to do in the future? Do you have any goals? Questions like this, since graduation, there have been countless people in countless ways organized in countless languages to ask us, and we often can't give a standard answer at this age.

Compared with those who have been working for many years, we are still young. If we do not make effective study plans or life goals now, we may be surpassed by those behind us in the rush years, and it is difficult to catch up with those who are working hard ahead of us. If you want to be a good person, you must first understand why you are better than others, what others have, but I don't have, what I can achieve if I work hard, and what I can do better than others. Perhaps the first thing you want to do to become good is to establish effective goals or life plans to improve yourself. With a clear goal, we will have the direction and motivation to act.

In reality, most of the reason why some people feel bored and lack passion for life is that they have lost the purpose of doing things. However, when life loses its coordinates and has been mediocre, it may feel relaxed at the beginning, but when time goes by, it will always feel empty. At the same time, people who have accomplished nothing often cannot withstand the blow. Life cannot always be smooth sailing. They must always lay a foundation for themselves to face the wind and rain.

It is worth noting that at this age, we are young, eager for success, and easy to be seduced by things around us. I believe that good works need to be polished and worked hard year after year, day after day. It can be obtained, so in addition to setting goals, we at this age also need to pay attention to avoid risks and accidents caused by rushing for success, only by working steadily, being patient, confident, and not rushing for success can you become a better self.

It is undeniable that times are always changing rapidly. Opportunities and opportunities are fleeting. We may not be the best people, but I believe that as long as people are willing to work hard, they are all excellent people. If you are gifted, then please be brave, confident, steady and strive for a better tomorrow. If you are just an ordinary person like me, then you should make effective plans and goals to improve yourself and become a better person. Want to become what kind of person to try to do what kind of things, this is the best account of their own.

(Author: Chen Jingyan)