There is no end to learning.



There is no end to learning.

is the so-called: "gold is not perfect, no one is born perfect, and no one can grow without learning. In the process of continuous development, people will find many of their own shortcomings, as well as things beyond their ability, so they need to continue to learn, constantly absorb energy, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, in order to continue to progress and grow.

If a small sapling wants to grow into a towering tree, it not only needs to resist the damage caused by the surrounding environment, but also needs to take root to absorb energy and continuously provide nutrition for its own growth. People are the same, if you want to grow, you not only have to face the pressure of life, but also need to continue to learn and enrich yourself. Of course, learning is not blind learning. Learning should be planned and purposeful.

Learn to understand what you want to accomplish every day and what you can learn from it. Make a certain plan for your daily study, work and life, or at least specify the items to be accomplished on this day and the corresponding time spent in advance, which can guide you to live a regular and fuller life. If these plans are in line with their own career development goals, then they can move forward steadily in the laws of life, and perseverance can unconsciously become the self in their dreams.

Jade is not cut, not made into ; wood is not carved, not made ; people don't learn, don't know why. Learning is like a piece of fertile soil. As long as you work hard, you will surely have fruitful results.

(Author: Ye Zeguang)