[Original Article] All staff use their brains 5 2 I'll answer your questions



[Original Article] All staff use their brains 5 2 I'll answer your questions
3# March

7 to 4# July 24 , 2020, the company held 15 sessions of "all employees use their brains 5 2 , I'll answer your questions" training activities. The training content focuses on production, quality, marketing, research and development, administration, finance, etc. 6 modules, in addition to the knowledge that should be learned, there are also the newly promulgated "Drug Administration Law" and "Drug Registration Management Measures". The training effect is tested by online answer evaluation. Each test paper contains "should know and should know" 5 and "brainstorming" 2 . In order to reflect fairness, the contents of the test paper are summarized into a form by the administrative department, which does not reflect the names of employees and gives unified scores to the directors in charge. From the beginning to the end of the activity, everyone maintained a high degree of enthusiasm, consciously participated in and took it seriously, and they all used their spare time to train and learn to answer questions. The number of personnel participating in each training activity reached 209, and almost all of them participated except the front-line employees who did not have the conditions.

The difficulty of this activity focuses on the brainstorming questions of 2 questions in each issue, which brings together the bottlenecks and troubles of various departments at present. It is indeed a challenge for the employees at the grass-roots level. They are not in their positions and are not in their posts. They need the employees to open their brains and put forward their opinions in combination with their posts. However, many employees have carefully answered the questions, and there are always some unique answers to inspire the departments.

After each training session is completed, the Administration Department will evaluate and summarize the outstanding answers and make


to share with the staff for reference and study.

This activity not only allows employees to gain knowledge, but also receives material and spiritual incentives. At the end of the activity, all participating employees can get cash rewards through points accumulation. The top 6 employees with total scores also won the super brain award and the learning pioneer award respectively. Wang Jianping of the administrative department, Wang Ping of the production department and Wu Min of the supply and storage department won the super brain award. Lin Weimian of the quality department, Jiang Lianghong of the research and development department and Wu Xiaoting of the marketing center won the learning pioneer award.

This activity can be carried out smoothly according to the rhythm and progress in all spare time, thanks to the high degree of unity of the company's staff, everyone clearly defines the significance of the training activity. Training and learning not only provides new working ideas, knowledge and skills for enterprises, but also helps to cultivate employees' innovative consciousness, employees' personal growth and growth, and makes the organization full of vitality. It is an important means of human resource development and an inevitable requirement for the development of modern enterprises.

(Author: Zhang Jiancheng)