[Original Article] NICE's Children's Day



[Original Article] NICE's Children's Day

years are always young, we slowly grow old

you will find

childlike innocence, is a proud thing.

-Hayao Miyazaki

June Day is coming. With the support of the company's leaders, the little sister of the administrative department carefully planned an interesting June Day surprise to let the "big children" who fight for the company every day share the joy of the festival.

On Monday morning, everything was business as usual. It was still a busy scene. It seemed that it was no different from the past. What this group of "big children" did not know was that the little administrative sister had already secretly prepared for them. The surprise of June 1 was kept in the dark. When

was young, we always hoped that when we grew up

, we

would slowly understand that

was the best time when we were young

. The classic childhood game machine

was accompanied by a small gift full of children's interest -little overlord game machine, the classic childhood game in memory-Tetris is a game we are familiar with. It seems that the scene of playing games and eating popsicles with my friends at home during the summer vacation is still fresh in my memory.

Sweet Festival

Of course, a cup of ice sweet milk tea

brings a cluster of innocence to this hot summer, A touch of sweetness

The main character of the festival came to

with a variety of gifts-children's educational toys, scooters, repetition ducks, starry sky projector

Childhood is a hymn, innocent, lively and carefree. Childhood is a fantasy, and the future is full of hope. Children's Day on June 1 wishes for healthy growth!

Little sisters are seriously introducing June 1 gifts to parents, offering suggestions for them to choose gifts

to introduce each gift to everyone, so that parents can bring suitable gifts for children

Parents are carefully selecting suitable gifts for children

to choose gifts, don't forget to register. Every gift has the number

belonging to

Ta. Thank colleagues for their recognition and support for our work

. Everyone's support is the inexhaustible motive force for us to run every activity

. In the rapid and healthy development stage of the company, we have a group of young, energetic and determined young people in the pharmaceutical industry. All members are part of the family, and together we form the big family. For this big family, every employee is the company's wealth and treasure.

Today we ushered in a nice Children's Day, and in this beautiful festival, it reminds everyone of the beautiful childhood. In this 61 festival, I would like to thank every employee for his contribution to the company. I hope everyone can study happily, work happily, live happily, share growth and build dreams together in the big family of Lijiexun!

( Author: Zheng Xingxing )