[Original Article] Harvest and Sentiment of New Lijiexun



[Original Article] Harvest and Sentiment of New Lijiexun

There is always the first time in life, the first time to travel, the first time to go to a strange place, the first time to meet strangers and the first time to travel for training. For us, for the first time, I felt a little panic in the face of many, many things that I had never seen or touched. However, this travel training is the best and most memorable thing in my life.

This training lasts for two weeks. It was supposed to be one week for the technical center and one week for QC training. However, due to the arrival of many new people in QC, Liang Hongjie can only take us with her. In two weeks, I learned a lot of useful knowledge and consolidated my own professional knowledge. We learned about the use of a rapid moisture analyzer and the use of a pH meter, as well as the use and correction of an analytical balance. We have just graduated, although we have learned a lot in school, but the practical operation is slightly insufficient. Lianghong Xuejie carefully explained to us many key points of pH meter, such as the need to use two differences of 3 values and correct the pH within the range, and the need to store it in 3MKCl solution when not in use. Senior Aspiration explained the use of the rapid moisture meter for us, and we also did it ourselves. Senior Lin Wei explained to us how to clean glass containers and how to protect ourselves when cleaning glass instruments with chromium solution. After the teaching of senior students, I felt the strong learning atmosphere among my colleagues in the company and the earnest teaching of my predecessors. This not only strengthens our theoretical knowledge, but also strengthens our practical operation ability and the ability to solve difficulties. In the first week of

, lianghong senior sister will test us some important questions from time to time during operation, such as why the chromatographic column of high performance liquid chromatograph should be washed with 10% methanol for 30 minutes before use, why new boiling cold purified water should be used in preparing buffer solution, what is the pH range of new boiling purified water, etc. Sometimes we can't answer, but senior high school students will patiently answer for us. We also visited QC's Kulun Moisture Analyzer to observe how the senior student operated it. Originally, the senior student wanted us to operate it, probably because the fan next door was on and the humidity climbed up at once, so we had to give up. It's a pity that I haven't been able to experience the use of the coulomb moisture meter with my own hands. I must try this high-end instrument next time I have a chance.

I remember that on the second day when I first came to the technical center, manager song gave us guidance and told us that all the glass instruments we need to use need to be cleaned in advance, then placed on the glass instrument airflow dryer, and when I came the next morning, I put them back in place for later use. It also emphasizes the precautions for the use of glass instrument airflow dryer. The temperature cannot be turned too high during use, otherwise it will cause uneven heating of the part in contact with the column head of the airflow dryer and cause the glass instrument to break. In addition, it is also introduced that the washing of the suction filter bottle is to directly wash it with purified water. Such hand-in-hand teaching, on the one hand, allows me to quickly integrate into the big family of the R & D center, and no longer dare to consult because of shyness; on the other hand, it makes me feel that the superiors are also so approachable, which makes me more passionate and energetic when I work. In the second week of

, sister yaxian took us to collect the materials. she told us that the factory has also realized informatization in collecting the materials. to collect the materials, we need to operate on app, check the sample number and declare it. after printing in the warehouse office, we can collect the materials by means of the material list. I feel that the collection of materials is so rigorous, layer by layer, every step can not be relaxed, resolutely implement the source and destination of each batch of materials.

Because we can't go to QC training, we are still training in the technical center, and Sister Liang Hong will continue to train us. Liang Hongjie asked us to train the pipette operation and pH meter measurement and correct our mistakes. During this period, I was deeply impressed by one thing. The little sister who trained with us accidentally put the cup of purified water on the table instead of the glass dish. She thought she was going to be scolded. As a result, Liang Hongjie did not scold her, but warned her about the importance of clean water containers and how to deal with such minor accidents. It makes me feel that our predecessors take care of our feelings and exchange their patience for our confidence in ourselves. Let us feel the warmth and care of the company.

The two-week training period is always so short that it is time to separate. Although the time is not long, but benefited a lot. During the training, the manager asked me to think about a question: how to do the experiment well and do it right in the research and development process. If I think before I come, maybe I can only learn from it online. Now, I think, I may have my own answer, although it may not be correct, but all my thoughts and thoughts are my feelings. The research and development process is divided into early, middle and late stages. If you want to do the experiment well and correctly, the most important thing is the early stage. Preliminary preparation is a prerequisite for research and development. In the first step, we need to find a large amount of literature to compare and analyze this research and development project, and select the most suitable raw materials, formula ratio, auxiliary materials and reference preparations. In the second step, we need to prepare the reagents and instruments we need, and prepare more for those that are easy to damage, in case of emergency. In the third step, we will draw up an experimental scheme to simulate its feasibility, and then follow the steps of this scheme during the experiment. The middle of the experiment is a backbone of research and development. This step must be taken carefully and must not be impatient. Before the experiment, you need to go through the experimental process first to let yourself know the experiment fairly well, so as not to be in a hurry during the experiment and to clean the instruments needed one night in advance. The problems in the experiment should be recorded in time, and if the deviation is large, feedback should be given in time so as to discuss how to solve the problem. The later stage of the research and development test is a process of analysis and summary. I think only in this way can the test be done correctly.

Life is not just about living in front of you, but also about experiments and reports. For me, training is a process of sublimation. Lu Xun said: In fact, there is no road in the world. When there are more people walking, there is a road. For us, we need to take the road that others have taken at the beginning. After we have experience, we can go our own way. Napoleon said that the first soldier who rushes in always comes out with blood on his head. We must have this fearless spirit to face the unknown world, a world that may consume our whole life. Light has no boat paddle also not, support our forward, is a healthy body and rich knowledge. Let's cheer together and give our high morale and indomitable spirit for the future and development of the company.

(Author: Lin Qijie)