[Original Article] Thirty and Li



[Original Article] Thirty and Li

Stand at thirty, encourage at thirty, and li at thirty. Some people say that "" everyone's history starts before birth ". Love and trouble, happiness and secrets, time and magic, eternal alternation. Women start from the mother, is our life the first to remember and the last to forget the name. And every woman, Li Li life in the face of gender and age, life and their own hammer asked.

After this July, I will be 30 years old. My former classmates and best friends have their own lives. There are fewer and fewer witnesses in life. I can only witness myself. After the age of thirty, all possibilities recede, only to cross time, to cross oneself. Thirty and encouraged. In the washing of time, the sonorous of the times, constantly updated, the ability to ask questions about the world and life.

Thirty and Li, Li color steed, flying clouds stepping on the sea. We care about success, we care about failure, and we care more about the mountain that everyone has to face. We care about the beautiful, care about love, more concerned about the ever-changing future. Efforts and crossing, not discouraged and convinced, wanton laughter and tears, youth return to its place, all the past, are preface, hanging cloud sail, riding the wind and waves.

If there is any difference between my 30 and 20 years old, it is: I am more confident and calm than before. I think my best age is now, because I know myself better. I think I am wiser than before, more aware of what I want, more responsible, and I am willing to spend more time taking care of my family and accompanying my parents, children, and lovers. No matter what kind of homework life gives me, I will lose KO with full confidence.

(Author: Yan Yanhua)