[Original Article] War on Epidemic, Welcome to School



[Original Article] War on Epidemic, Welcome to School

With the stabilization of the epidemic in the country, the long-awaited start of school for children will finally come. The flowers on the stranger are gradually blooming and hope is coming one after another. Our parents have finally waited for this day.

2020 1# May 26 with the epidemic came to Fuzhou this coastal city, can't go out can only stay in the room, the husband unit sent someone to send us meals, fruit snacks are from the Internet to buy, until May Day to allow to go out. Recalling last year I was in my hometown telephone remote control to help baby arrange Fuzhou kindergarten, due to the impact of the epidemic, should have been 2# September school, the result is far away, I did not expect Huijia kindergarten will eventually miss us.

With the arrival of the school season in September, various training courses will also begin, and the baby's comfortable life will eventually end. According to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, the kindergarten sent a warm reminder to return to the kindergarten:

1. Cooperate with the head teacher to do a good job of daily health registration and whereabouts report


days before the return of the kindergarten to ensure good physical condition before the opening of the kindergarten. If there are fever, dry cough and other symptoms, should be timely medical treatment, suspended admission. 2. Prepare for child care and protective materials, reduce unnecessary outings, and try not to take children to crowded places.

3. It is suggested that children should not travel out of Fuzhou city from


September 20 . If they really need to leave Fujian, please be sure to report the round-trip time, route and mode of transportation to the head teacher, so as to prevent the situation of concealment, delay and omission. 4. Pay close attention to the notice of the class group and cooperate with the teachers to make all preparations before the start of school.

(Author: Ning Lin)