[Original Article] Launching Ceremony of "Quality Month" in 2020 and Brief News of Debate Competition



[Original Article] Launching Ceremony of

On August 31, 2020, Fujian Province Mindong Lijiexun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. kicked off the second "Quality Month" event with the theme of "Catch up with the quality benchmark and build a strong quality enterprise. You Nuishou, director of the pharmaceutical factory, first reported on the quality work and quality policy of pharmaceutical production in the past year. Quality Director Le Yunyan led all the members to enthusiastically swear the theme slogan of Quality Month. Under the guidance of the host Zeng Haijun and the rendering of the propaganda film of the background quality month activity, the activity quickly entered an active state.

In the first part of the quality thematic debate competition, the two participating debate groups were led by Peng Limei and Wei Chen Ping respectively. The members of each group shouted out the loud slogan of forming a team with full confidence to debate the topics of "The key to improving sales depends on quality" and "The key to improving sales depends on price. The two sides of the debate started from the theory with a clear stand, tit for tat, fully combined with the daily work to discuss the arguments held, there are views, attitudes, arguments, persuasive, and soon set off a small climax. Subsequently, another debate and showdown group launched PK on the topics of "leaders decide product quality" and "employees decide product quality". Especially in the free debate stage, especially in the opposition team-mate represented by Lin Weinan and the positive team-mate represented by Liu Shengguo, the two sides came and went without giving in. Under intense debate, golden sentences appeared frequently, winning laughter and applause from the audience and pushing the debate to another peak. Finally, the competition for the first and second place with "the relationship between product quality and cost" was held. in the free debate stage, Lin weinan's language was concise and comprehensive, his thinking was logical and his reaction was sharp, so that the judges and the audience could see the situation of "one wave is higher than one wave.

After several contests of sharp words, several rounds of verbal battles, and several personal experiences of bravely going to the battlefield, a three-person panel of judges composed of Director You, Director Le and Manager Song commented on the contestants in an open, transparent and fair manner, and received positive responses from the audience. Finally, the "handsome boy" defense team composed of Lin Weinan, Ma Xinyu and Lin Zhiming won the championship, and the Mulan team represented by Peng Limei won the second place. this activity responded well to the slogan of "argue out style, argue out elegant demeanour" . During the

activity, the judge leaders interacted with the audience and conducted a question and answer on quality knowledge, which added a little fun to the debate competition. Lijiexun's second "Quality Month" activity debate competition has been successfully concluded. is looking forward to the second wonderful quality knowledge competition, and even more to the emergence of elites!

(Author: Zheng Liping)