[Original Article] A single spark can start a prairie fire-Lijiexun Pharmaceutical Phase III Provincial Academic Manager Training Camp



[Original Article] A single spark can start a prairie fire-Lijiexun Pharmaceutical Phase III Provincial Academic Manager Training Camp

In order to improve the professional quality of academic managers in various provinces and regions and promote the mastery of products, related knowledge and related skills, our company held the third phase of Lijiexun provincial academic manager training camp in Fuzhou on March 27 and 28 , 2020. Due to the impact of the epidemic, the activity was carried out in the mode of "online offline.

This training camp was opened by Manager Yang Degui of the Medical Marketing Department for the "Zhiyaotang" Business School. "Zhiyaotang" is taken from "Huangdi Neijing", "Know the important ones, and end in a word; if you don't know what they want, they are scattered endlessly". The moral is to hope that academic managers can enrich their professional knowledge, master product-related information, and lay the foundation for the smooth development of subsequent academic promotion work. Manager

Yang Degui introduced the corporate culture of Lijiexun Pharmaceutical and the advantages of Compound Pseudostellaria Granules (Oral Liquid) and Zengye Oral Liquid from the aspects of good curative effect, high safety and strong competitiveness of the products, and briefly introduced the activity arrangement of the training camp.

Both compound Pseudostellaria granules (oral liquid) and Zengye oral liquid belong to traditional Chinese medicine products, so learning "Basic Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine" is a necessary skill for academic managers, in this training camp, teacher Chen Zhihua systematically taught the basic characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine, the five elements theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the theory of yin and yang, the physiological functions and characteristics of the internal organs such as heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney, and various causes and pathogenesis. He communicated with the students from the most professional point of view in a language close to life, and combined the product characteristics of compound Taizishen granule (oral liquid) and Zengye oral liquid in the course, elaborate. The questions raised by the trainees were answered in detail, so that the training was carried out in an active atmosphere, and everyone gained professional knowledge in a relaxed and happy atmosphere.

As a qualified academic manager, all kinds of academic conferences and one-on-one visits are the platform for us to fight. In this training camp course, teacher Weng menghan's course "required course for academic managers-how to effectively carry out academic conferences" shared with students how to effectively carry out an academic conference from the aspects of pre-conference preparation, matters needing attention in the conference, post-conference tracking and summary, so that customers can deeply understand our products through the academic conference, broaden product indications, correct wrong dosage, and form the habit of medication during treatment, in the end, it made our expenses worth the money.

Teacher Liu Huiqiong gave the students an explanation of "How to Efficiently Visit". Teacher Liu introduced the significance of the visit, the necessary conditions for the visit, the objectives of the visit and the matters needing attention before, during and after the visit. She explained in simple terms with the cases she had personally experienced and the actual combat experience in the market, let the students who listened to the lecture "know what happened" and at the same time "know why", which taught everyone a vivid and wonderful lesson.

As an academic manager, going out represents the image of the product and indirectly the image of the enterprise. Confucius said, "If you don't learn etiquette, you can't stand it." Manager Yang Degui's "Business Etiquette" course, lead students to learn business etiquette from two major directions: business reception etiquette (such as pick-up etiquette, business card etiquette, meeting etiquette, catering etiquette, visit etiquette, etc.) and personal professional image (appearance and deportment etiquette). Let our academic managers of Lijiexun create a more successful career with a good mental outlook.

At the end of the course, let the students express their opinions, share their excellent experiences and valuable suggestions in the academic promotion work in their respective provinces and regions, and put forward corresponding supplementary suggestions for this training camp. At the same time, through a simple test, the students were assessed for two days of learning and harvest, and then the students' professional knowledge mastery and expression ability were investigated. I believe that all the students who participated in this training have learned something. At the same time, I hope that the students can apply what they have learned and be independent when they return to their respective provinces and regions, and use more professional and effective academic promotion methods to answer academic questions for salesmen and doctors, it contributes to the market share of Compound Pseudostellaria Granules (oral liquid) and Zengye oral liquid.

This training camp has provided our students with a comprehensive knowledge supplement through various aspects such as basic theories of traditional Chinese medicine, product knowledge, academic conference development, efficient coordination visits, business etiquette, etc. Learning gives us a mirror to see ourselves clearly at all times, so that we can constantly understand ourselves and get the opportunity to correct ourselves. Only through continuous learning can we better enrich our work and life.

(author; Weng Menghan)