To the new born, the quality of the future-Lijiexun Pharmaceutical, the 83rd National Drug Fair.



To the new born, the quality of the future-Lijiexun Pharmaceutical, the 83rd National Drug Fair.

The 2020 New Crown Epidemic has brought people's attention to "health" to an unprecedented level. As the most large-scale and influential professional event in China's pharmaceutical field, the National Drug Fair was held in Guangzhou on 2020 9# August 17 -19 .

(opening ceremony of the drug fair)

(crowded in the exhibition hall of the drug fair)

Under the leadership of Fujian Pharmaceutical Industry Association, Lijiexun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. took citicoline sodium tablets, compound Taizhishen granules (oral liquid), Zengye oral liquid, phenobarbital sodium for injection and other products with full enthusiasm to the exhibition, wu Wenkai, deputy general manager personally led the company team, carefully arranged the exhibition and actively participated in the event.

Charm Fujian Health Fujian Medicine (photo taken by Fujian Medicine Exhibition Group)

President Rao of Fujian Pharmaceutical Industry Association recommended our products to relevant leaders

During the exhibition, medical professionals from all over the country consulted and discussed our products, there are also agents from all over the world for our Pseudostellaria series products, citicoline sodium tablets, etc., which have a great role in promoting our brand awareness and new product recognition.

In this drug fair, our marketing department has learned from the experience of participating in the exhibition in previous years, prepared sufficient publicity materials, and made relevant product two-dimensional codes for all products currently in production by the company. By scanning the two-dimensional codes, you can view the color pages of the corresponding products, pictures of the products, and the contact information of the corresponding investment promotion manager.

Use of Two-dimensional Code for Products at the Drug Fair

(Real Photograph of Lijiexun Booth at the Drug Fair)

On the road to protecting people's health, Lijiexun Pharmaceutical has always adhered to the concept of "doing a good job in medicine for health", colliding with new market opportunities at the National Drug Fair, facing the epidemic situation and emerging. This exhibition provides a good communication platform and marketing atmosphere for our enterprises, the first time to understand the cutting-edge information of the pharmaceutical industry, exchange and interaction between pharmaceutical enterprises, seek development in friendly competition, and lay a solid foundation for follow-up sales and increment.

(Author: Weng Menghan)