A memorable day.



A memorable day.

2020 was an extraordinary year, with the outbreak of COVID-19, the economic trade war in the US, the riots in Hong Kong . However, for the company, the extraordinary of 2020 lies in the fact that everyone in our Lijiexun family can put the overall situation first and work together to help deal with various challenges brought by the epidemic in the face of many difficulties. Don't forget the heavy responsibility on your shoulders. Apart from working with the people of the whole country to help Wuhan overcome the difficulties, you have to work hard around the company's annual business goals, which are also everyone's common goals, dare not slack a day. In order to thank everyone for their hard work and efforts, and to boost the morale of the Lijie Xun family, the cultural group of Fuzhou branch organized an activity to celebrate the anniversary of the establishment of the company 23 and the mid-autumn festival cake. The

activity started at noon, and the little friends have changed into vibrant pink T-shirts. Perhaps the "caution" in the first half of the year has bored everyone, and everyone is more interested in this activity.

The cake-making activity was arranged in the Sishijiufang restaurant not far from the branch. We also had the honor to invite Ms. Rao Fengxiu, president of Fujian Pharmaceutical Industry Association, to attend. General Manager Ms. Lin Yuan made an opening remarks with a brief and in-place summary and blessing. Dr. Huo Caixia, the company's new chief scientist, and Mr. Wu Wenkai, deputy general manager, introduced themselves. Everyone sang a birthday song and raised their glasses to Lijiexun's 23rd birthday and wished Lijiexun better and better!

Then the activity entered a small climax-the cake-making session. There are many traditional Chinese cultures, such as eating zongzi and rowing dragon boats on the Dragon Boat Festival, cake-making on the Mid-Autumn Festival, enjoying the moon, eating moon cakes and guessing lantern riddles. Spring Festival couplets, firecrackers and so on. My personal favorite is the Mid-Autumn Festival cake. The atmosphere is lively and there are prizes to take. It suits me perfectly! The prizes of

cake are mostly daily necessities, and the compound Pseudostellaria heterophylla granules specially sponsored by the marketing department are all very practical. Compound Pseudostellaria heterophylla granules are a necessary health medicine suitable for all ages. With the sound of "jingling", the atmosphere of the scene immediately became more active. There is no special dice throwing skills. It depends on luck. Lucky people hold a bunch of prizes. If they are unlucky, they will not return empty-handed. There are gains.

23 years is not a short day, Lijiexun family along the way, there are successes, there are ups and downs, there are laughter, there are hardships. However, no matter when every family member of the company keeps in mind the spirit of enterprise "unity and integration, innovation and efficiency, catching up with excellence ", grows and progresses together with the company. Of course, today's event is inseparable from this theme and spirit. The "Lijiexun Cup" Enterprise Games will be held to let the spirit of enterprise play a role in the arena. As the first enterprise games, the events of the competition were carefully considered, initially set as 5 events, individual events: rope skipping, standing long jump; team competition: 4 relay race (2 male 2 female), 3 four-legged race, tug-of-war race (4 male 4 female). Unfortunately, because the weather is not beautiful, only skipping rope and standing long jump 2 competitions are held, but everyone is still very happy. After 2 hours of fierce and joyful competition, rope skipping and long jump respectively decided the 2 winners in the men's and women's groups.

There is no special competition field and no professional athletes. Everyone actively signs up for competitions according to their preferences, and there are even small partners who sign up temporarily on a whim. At this moment, we are just a group of big children who laugh and play freely. Although we have regrets, it also makes us look forward to next year's business games.

Finally, I wish Lijiexun will change with each passing day and reach a new high every year. I wish Lijiexun's family will never be separated and young!

(Author: Wu Yuting)