[Original Article] Get rid of sub-health-develop good living habits



[Original Article] Get rid of sub-health-develop good living habits

With the end of the company's annual physical examination, I wonder if everyone who saw the physical examination report felt the complaint of from the body. I believe that when talking about health issues in daily life, most people do not understand the relevant health knowledge, but lack of self-control to put into action. But when the body really lights up the red light, can we still escape.
Sub-health is a word that has frequently appeared in recent years. Modern people's busy work and high pressure are the important reasons for unhealthy life. The unhealthy lifestyle is mainly reflected in unbalanced diet, irregular work and rest, and lack of exercise. Wait. Sub-health is eroding your body in a way of "boiling frogs in warm water.
It is not difficult to get rid of sub-health. The key point is to develop good living habits:

1. Reasonable and balanced diet. Reasonable diet collocation is the basic guarantee of health. Stay away from high-calorie food, keep food diversified and ensure regular meals.

2, keep regular work and rest, ensure adequate sleep, do daily life, entertainment, work and rest;

3, proper exercise, adhere to proper physical exercise is an effective way to enhance physical fitness, effective exercise is also conducive to the release of pressure, ease the mood.

It is not an overnight thing to get rid of sub-health. There is a process of accumulation of diseases. Health also needs a little accumulation. It is responsible for one's own body to develop good living habits. I hope everyone can get rid of sub-health and welcome each new day with full vitality!

(Author: Yue Danjie)