[Original Article] Win Growth with Efforts



[Original Article] Win Growth with Efforts

The lights are still flashing at 12 o'clock in the night, and you are not the only one who has the alarm clock at 5 o'clock in the morning.

Every small individual, as long as the efforts to shine is the most dazzling light.

Growth is always unexpected, people always have to grow up. The significance of hard work lies in: the first class of the plane can be taken, and the VIP of the bank can be registered first. The world is unfair. You are special as much as you work. The world is not completely fair. You have to work hard to grow up.

favorite sentence is that girls must study hard, otherwise they will only have endless vegetable markets and endless stalls. The sentence is dirty but realistic.

"Why the effort?"

"Because the place you want to go is far away and the things you want to buy are very expensive, while you still have time, try your best to make the thing you want to do most, become the kind of person you want to be, and live the kind of life you want to live most. Maybe we are always a small person, but this does not prevent us from choosing what kind of life style to live in. The world will always be more wonderful than you think"

"Genius equals 1% inspiration plus 99% sweat." Therefore, only through the efforts and sweat of young people can one achieve one's future life.

The future piled up by efforts is solid. Every step is stable. The future piled up by laziness and opportunism looks solid. When you walk up, it will fall down and everything will disappear.

once saw a small video, all the people were carrying a big cross, and one person wanted to cut off a little because he thought the cross was too heavy, but it was still a little heavy. he cut off another section, so he relaxed a lot. he gradually surpassed one person after another, thinking to himself: alas, those people are too stupid to even understand this. But in a big gully, everyone went up with a big cross, and his was too short to pass!

This story tells us simply and comprehensively that opportunism can only be relaxed for a while but not for a lifetime. Only those who run hard and keep their feet on the ground are the ultimate winners!

Maybe you will marvel at some big bosses and how awesome the big people are! In comparison, I am just a little ant. Then you are completely wrong. Maybe we all go to Rome, but some people were born in Rome. So what can you do? But who knows he will stay in Rome forever?

Other people's success can only let you see, but not let you enjoy, some people learn to accept the mediocre themselves, do not want to struggle. But as long as you work hard and move towards your dreams, one day, imagination will become reality, and hard work is the shortest way in life. However, some people are not willing to go. On the contrary, those corners are still empty in the end. Only those who do not work hard, those who do not work hard but cannot succeed, so hard work will lead to a better future.

(Author: Zhang Rong)