[Original Article] Lung deficiency only invigorating the lung. Have you asked the spleen?



[Original Article] Lung deficiency only invigorating the lung. Have you asked the spleen?

The twenty-four solar terms have passed, which means that the weather is getting colder, the first frost appears, and winter is about to begin, followed by a gradual increase in the incidence of pulmonary diseases. The doctor did not look less, but the illness was not good. He really wanted to open his chest to see what was missing. Was it a simplex? The heart is innocent, please let it go, what you lack is the spleen.

??? (I know your face is at a loss) There are many organs in our body, which are regarded as viscera in traditional Chinese medicine. Each viscera has its unique morphological structure, physiological function and pathological changes, which is quite different from modern medical theory.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that between the viscera and the viscera can influence and interact with each other through the relationship of the five elements. In the doctrine of the five elements, because earth can give birth to gold, so earth is the mother of gold and gold is the son of earth. Among the five zang-organs, the five elements of the spleen and stomach are soil and the lung is gold, so the mother-child relationship between the spleen and lung in the five zang-organs is manifested as the native lung gold of the spleen.

What is "life"? Life has the meaning of being gifted, encouraged and promoted. That is, the spleen can benefit qi, metaplasia qi and blood, transfer sperm to inflate the lungs, promote the function of the lungs to maintain qi, and make it normal. So the spleen is strong lung, spleen deficiency is weak lung. Spleen deficiency is not healthy, qi and blood biochemical lack of source, can not fill the lung qi, the lung is weak to declare the right to drop, thus showing phlegm, cough, asthma and other pulmonary diseases.

The impact of the five-element relationship is not one-way, but two-way, which is particularly evident in the state of disease. In other words, long-term deficiency of lung qi will lead to spleen deficiency, which will lead to or aggravate the manifestations of weak spleen qi, such as anorexia, loose stools, weakness of limbs, even edema, pale tongue and white coating, and weak pulse.

This is why some pulmonary diseases are only treated from the lungs, and cough and asthma are difficult to stop or easy to relapse although stopped, with little effect. Especially in pediatrics, children with delicate viscera, vulnerable to external evils, physiological and spleen often insufficient, easy to cause lung qi deficiency, so children sick with spleen and lung qi deficiency syndrome is the most common. "The method of treating the lung is very difficult to treat. When the spleen is transferred to the spleen and the spleen is nourished, the soil will generate gold." The intention of cultivating the soil and generating gold is to benefit the lung qi by replenishing the spleen and achieve the purpose of double supplementing the spleen and lung.

However, the role of cultivating soil and generating gold is not only for expectoration and asthma. Pathologically, the spleen is the source of sputum and the lung is the device for storing sputum. If the spleen loses its health and qi does not turn into water, the dampness will accumulate into phlegm, which can stay in the lungs and even between the nose, throat and skin conditions closely related to the lungs. The lung opens to the nose, the throat is the gateway to the lung, the muscles are dominated by the spleen, the fur is dominated by the lungs, the flesh is closely connected, the muscles are tight, the skin is dense, the muscles are thin, the skin is loose, and so on.

Through the above-mentioned water metabolism, spleen and lung division, and the relationship between lung and body, we will find that spleen and nose, spleen and throat, spleen and fur are also connected one by one. Therefore, Peitu Shengjin can not only be used to treat pulmonary diseases, but also to treat rhinitis, pharyngitis, urticaria, eczema, alopecia areata and other problems. Based on the concept of cultivating soil and generating gold, these problems can be started from the healthy transportation of spleen and stomach. The normal transportation of spleen and stomach, the ascending and descending of qi and blood, and the normal transportation of water and dampness, while eliminating phlegm and blood stasis, enable the lung to master qi and declare the right to descend, thus improving repeated upper respiratory tract problems and intractable skin diseases.

(a proud face of the spleen) Qi deficiency needs to be replenished, but is the medicine for replenishing Qi spicy and dry, and what should I do about nosebleeds due to excessive internal heat?

Pseudostellaria heterophylla, know about it.

Pseudostellaria heterophylla, also known as children's ginseng and children's ginseng, has a flat and cool nature, can invigorate qi and produce fluid, invigorate spleen and moisten lung, and is mainly used for diseases such as spleen deficiency, fatigue, palpitation and spontaneous sweating, lung deficiency and cough, and thirst due to fluid deficiency. It has been confirmed by the Ministry of Health to be included in the "List of Health . Compared with ginseng, codonopsis and American ginseng, which also have the effect of invigorating qi, Pseudostellaria heterophylla has weaker nourishing effect, but it also has advantages, that is, the medicinal properties are very stable, suitable for chronic patients to take large quantities for a long time, and the side effects are much smaller than those of ginseng, codonopsis and American ginseng. Therefore, it is deeply weakened and cannot withstand the welcome of nourishing drugs.

Did you build it? Children and women are the two main forces of yin deficiency. We should pay more attention to choosing cooler ginseng species to replenish qi ~.

(Author: Chen Zhihua)