[Original Article] Be a Happy Pharmacy Person



[Original Article] Be a Happy Pharmacy Person

Whether a person is healthy or not, physical health is not the only measure of health. The ancient saying goes: phase is born from the heart. A person's psychology can affect a person's appearance and even physical health. From the first day of entering the company, Xu Yizhou, manager of the research and development department, often said to me: we should work happily and live a good life. Why do you put happiness and work together? Because life not only has poetry and distance, but also has chicken legs and bread. On the one hand, we need to work to improve our ability and value; on the other hand, we need to work to earn chicken legs and bread. And work is certainly not more comfortable than campus life, by comparison, it must be hard and tedious. People who are not good at self-regulation will fall into confusion and pain, and live a depressing and boring life every day. To put happiness and work together is to regard work as a way to improve oneself. Every thing you do is to lay the foundation for the future and belong to accumulation. If you don't accumulate small steps, you can't make a river or a sea without accumulating small flows. If we want to do a good job, every step of accumulation is very important. The embankment of a thousand miles is destroyed in the ant's nest. Every point is something we should pay attention to, and we should not make mistakes.

In modern society, money seems to be linked to a person's ability and happiness index. To measure whether a person is successful or not, it depends on how much money he earns; to measure whether a person is doing well or not, it depends on how much money he earns; to measure whether a person is successful or not, it depends on how much money he earns. How to live in such an impetuous society has become a crucial issue. In essence, people are enslaved by money, people become slaves of money, become slaves of the house, become slaves of the price of the bride price. Money is not everything, but without money is absolutely impossible; the pursuit of money can, but it is not the whole of life. Many people, who have lived all their lives, do not understand the meaning of their lives and always like to go with the flow.

Dragon has nine children, each is different, we all have our own life path, life trajectory. We do not need to envy the success of others, because this is the people with countless days and nights of sweat in exchange. The road for our pharmaceutical people is long. Most of the time, we rely on accumulated learning and continuous precipitation to succeed. Although the road we take is sometimes the road taken by others, it is full of fog, thorns, beasts and temptations. We need to strengthen our hearts and bravely take our own steps, calmly face difficulties, break the fog, cut off the thorns, resist the temptation and move towards the broad road to success. This road is very long and boring, so we need to have a happy heart to lead us to be a happy person, do happy work and enjoy a happy life.

(Author: Lin Qijie)