[Original Article] Autumn Pear Ointment-a must-have recipe for autumn and winter



[Original Article] Autumn Pear Ointment-a must-have recipe for autumn and winter

Among all the minor problems, what I fear most is cough, which is easy to hurt my throat.

During the autumn and winter exchange season, the weather was changeable. Due to inappropriate protection, I was accidentally recruited and caught a cold. Although I took some cold medicine in time to relieve a little, it caused my most feared minor problem -cough. I have been tortured by a cough for many days, and I often feel that I must keep healthy and not catch a cold and cough again. In order to achieve this goal, I decided to eliminate this "stubborn", so I began to search the Internet to find a faster way to relieve cough.

There are still many ways to treat cough, including cough syrup, licorice lozenges, etc., but the most attractive one is autumn pear cream.

in 360 encyclopedia, this description: "autumn pear cream moistens the lung to relieve cough, raw Tianjin and throat. It is used for cough and wheezing due to yin deficiency and lung heat, thick sputum and salivation, chest and diaphragm full of tightness, dry mouth and dry throat, irritability and mute voice. It is especially good for those with long-term lung heat, cough and yin injury." This is a "panacea" tailored for me. At the same time, the website also provides 8 prescriptions and preparation methods. "Raw materials" are easy to obtain and the preparation method is simple. After simple prescription and preparation method analysis,

is preliminarily determined:

1. prescription:

crown pear 4, Luo Han Guo 1 , dried red jujube 6 , ginger 1 (about thumb size), candy 2 pieces (the piece is about the size of the thumb);

2. method

1, wash and cut pears into small cubes, wash dried red dates, remove cores and cut into filaments, wash ginger and cut into filaments, wash and cut Luo Han Guo into fragments.

2. Put the above raw materials together into a non-stick pan and boil.

3. Cook until the pear changes color, add clear water just over the raw materials, cover the pot, cook with a small fire for about 20 minutes, then pick up the raw materials with a leak net and press out the soup with a spoon (or other tools) for later use, and transfer all the soup to a large bowl.

4. Put the raw materials into the pot again, add water to cover the raw materials, cover the pot lid, cook with low fire for about 20 minutes, squeeze the raw materials to obtain soup, and repeat this process 2 times.

5. Add the pear juice collected for 3 times into the pot (you can change to another 1 pot). After boiling with high fire, add crystal sugar and stir to dissolve. Then turn to low fire and continue to slightly boil and stir until the pear pulp is thick and then turn off the flame and cool down. Put it into a refrigerator for refrigeration. The validity period is tentatively scheduled for 1 months.

Autumn pear cream has been prepared. When using it, just scoop 1 spoon to dilute with warm boiled water.

Finally, I would like to remind you that autumn pear is cold in nature, with deficiency of spleen and stomach, cold hands and feet, and loose stool diarrhea. Take appropriate amount or less autumn pear cream to avoid aggravation of deficiency cold symptoms and diarrhea.

autumn pear cream is sweet to ease cough, but don't be greedy!

(Author: Huang Xiaoqing)