[Original article] A little feeling



[Original article] A little feeling

It's been more than half a year since I left the green university. During this period of time in Lijiexun, I saw, heard, felt, and at the same time, thanks to the care of my seniors and leaders, I passed this period of adaptation so smoothly, and I also learned a lot of knowledge and skills.

I learned a lot in Zherong Pharmaceutical Technology Center Laboratory. I have learned about the pharmacopoeia and enriched my theoretical knowledge. Drugs, including general rules, text and general rules, are the legal basis for drug development, production, operation, use and supervision and management. All national drug standards should meet the relevant requirements of the Chinese pharmacopoeia. As relevant practitioners of pharmaceutical companies, or research and development analysis positions need to fully understand the pharmacopoeia.

learned the use of many instruments, contacted many instruments and equipment that had not been touched before in school, and further deepened the memory of the equipment that had been known. I learned the use and correction of analytical balance. In the past, when we were in contact with the day in school, we only adjusted the level of the balance, and did not calibrate the balance every week. The weekly calibration of the balance is for the reliability and rigor of the test and to avoid some unnecessary errors. After learning the use of pH meter, I know many points that need to be paid attention to in the use of pH meter, before use, calibration solution should be used to correct within the required range, and it should be stored in saturated KCl solution when not in use. I learned the use of rapid moisture analyzer, the cleaning of glass containers and how to pay attention to safety when cleaning glass instruments with chromium solution, etc. During the explanation, I will also be asked to do practical operation from time to time to understand the use of the instrument more thoroughly. At the same time, I will also ask questions about some more important issues, such as why the chromatographic column should be washed with 10% methanol for 30 minutes before use, why fresh boiling cold purified water should be used when preparing buffer solution, and what points should be paid attention to when pipetting at constant volume, etc, let me find the answer by myself, and then explain it to me to strengthen my memory. Under the careful guidance of senior students, I felt the strong learning atmosphere in the company and the harmonious and friendly relationship with my colleagues.

There is also the need to recharge oneself and learn more knowledge and skills. At the same time, one must often reflect on oneself, check for deficiencies, and sum up one's own shortcomings to correct them.

Finally, I would like to say that I am very happy to join the big family of Lijiexun!

(Author: Lin Weinan)