[Original Article] Yongtai One-day Tour



[Original Article] Yongtai One-day Tour

An all-consuming love goes to

Today is a sunny day and the sky is bright blue. If it weren't for the cold wind, I would have thought it was a bright March in spring. This is the winter in Fuzhou. Although there is no white snow, there are shadows of spring everywhere.

Last night, I discussed with Mr. Liu and Lao Xu to go to Yongtai Geling to enjoy the flowers. Starting at about 10: 30, we sped from the highway on the sand bank towards Yongtai. Looking out along both sides of the highway, there are row upon row of new high-rise buildings, and there are many new houses under construction, a thriving atmosphere. When we arrived at Yongtai, we parked at the self-service parking lot next to the county government at about 12 . On the main road outside the parking lot, there is a column of brandy trees, seven or eight meters high, with luxuriant branches and leaves, covering the sky and the sun, so that the road adds a few quiet atmosphere to the road. I instantly remembered that when I was in college, there were also seven or eight-meter-high brandy trees around the dormitory in the North District. From midsummer to early autumn, white orchids were in full bloom, and the campus was full of refreshing fragrance. We had lunch on this street, and then we set off for our destination.

started from Yongtai County and drove for more than 20 minutes to a village suitable for flower appreciation. Yongtai is rich in plums, and today we are enjoying plum flowers. Looking from the national highway to the distant mountains and villages, Dazhangxi passes through the front of the village. The white pear flowers all over the mountains look like a snow, covering the mountains with a layer of white. A small bridge crosses the Dazhangxi, giving way to the village. There are plum trees in the front and backyard of every household in the village. When you get closer, you can see that the petals of plum flowers are like pieces of white jade, and the stamens are like thin gold. The houses in the village are white walls, green tiles and red railings, which are unique against the clumps of plum flowers. In winter, under the warm sun, the clouds of flowers in the green mountains and green waters are like mist, and my heart is free to swim in this beautiful scenery. Suddenly, I think of a sentence: "An all-consuming love". There are a lot of people watching the flowers. Most of them come from around Fuzhou. Some take professional SLR photos, and some wear ancient costumes to take pictures. It's very lively.

Suddenly, Mr. Liu pointed to the east and said: "Look here, there are persimmons." We looked in the direction she pointed out. There were several persimmon trees, and orange persimmons hung on the trees. The blue sky was printed and formed a unique scenery.

It was almost three o'clock in the afternoon when we left here reluctantly. On the bridge at the entrance of the village, we saw photographers taking pictures with old-fashioned folding cameras with large films. Perhaps the scenery photos taken by this camera are more delicate.

The water is full of blue sky around the ancient city

. After enjoying the flowers in Geling, Yongtai, it was only over 3 o'clock. We went to Songkou ancient town in one breath. Songkou Ancient Town is located in the southwest of Yongtai County, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province. It is a famous historical and cultural town in China and the only famous historical and cultural town in Fuzhou. Songkou ancient town is the hometown of Zhang Yuangan, a patriotic lyricist in the Southern Song Dynasty. It is also the political, economic and cultural center and an important transportation hub in the southwest of Yongtai. There are more than 25 60 ancient houses in the Ming and Qing dynasties in Songkou Town, and more than 100 well-preserved ancient houses in the villages under it.

We parked in the parking lot near the bridge head, and then we walked around the ancient town as we pleased. We went along the path of the Relaxation Inn and visited Shuangruicuo, Longxing Road, Longkou Zucuo, Heye, Yankui, Ba Kui, Yao Qiu, etc. Looking at the scattered ancient dwellings, white walls and green tiles, I felt like a sea of change, it is like

mentioned in a novel, "A hundred years of vicissitudes have changed, the silent time of that moment overlaps, and the mottled pages of history in the middle all disappear silently."

Then we went back to Zhongshan Street, walked to the other side, walked along the street of Songkou Museum to Dexing Building, and then walked from Dexing Building to the stream. There were a lot of people at the stream. Now the sun is westward, smearing the blue sky with a glow. I then walked from Dexinglou to Songkou Museum, turned to Hengjie in front of Songkou Museum, then to Guandi Temple Street, and then returned to Zhongshan Street, where we saw the stone statue of local celebrity Zhang Yuangan. At this point, our one-day trip is over, and we embark on our return journey with the sunset.

Although a little tired after a day of playing, our hearts are relaxed and our spirits are more pleasant by enjoying the flowers and scenery. Therefore, it is suggested that you should also have some positive and healthy hobbies, such as mountain climbing, running, playing, reading, flower arranging, singing, playing musical instruments, etc., so as to relax and enjoy your body and mind and make yourself more energetic in work and life.

Author: Huang Xiaoqing