[Original Article] Planting Green Hope and Harvesting Gorgeous Tomorrow



[Original Article] Planting Green Hope and Harvesting Gorgeous Tomorrow

Spring is melting, new green is blooming, and the annual Arbor Day meets us as scheduled. In order to improve employees' awareness of environmental protection, stimulate employees' yearning and enthusiasm for green environmental protection, and enhance employees' sense of belonging to the company, the factory director led the company's outstanding employee representatives to carry out tree planting activities in the factory area. At the

tree planting site, everyone worked together, wielding shovels, carrying seedlings, digging holes, planting trees, covering soil and watering, all at once. With everyone's joint efforts, every sapling has been properly settled in . Add a new green to the plant.

This tree planting activity not only allows everyone to plant their own love and add a touch of green to the beautification of the factory area, but also allows everyone to relax and experience the happiness brought by labor after intense work.

Author: Yu Huijun