Outdoor Development of Interns-Cultural Activities of She Nationality in Baojianzhai



Outdoor Development of Interns-Cultural Activities of She Nationality in Baojianzhai

In order to enhance the collective cohesion of interns, enhance friendship, and let everyone get closer to nature, relax their bodies and minds, and integrate into the Lijiexun family faster, the company decided to go to Baojianzhai She Nationality Cultural Construction Village on May 14 (Saturday) to carry out outdoor expansion activities.

# The weather in May was rainy and rainy, but we still couldn't stop our enthusiasm for the group building activities. Everyone arrived at Baojianzhai Village as promised. When we got off the bus, we saw a long macaroon slow road.

macaron slow road

enjoyed the slow road, officially entered baojianzhai village, came to the appointed activity place, and began to prepare the preliminary work of barbecue in full swing-washing dishes, skewering signs, setting barbecue grills, catching fire, playing music, etc. Driven by the wonderful music, everything went smoothly, and soon began to bake all kinds of delicious food. In the course of the activity, many unexpected interesting things happened. Some people burned the string; some people drank sour and spicy meatball soup; some people took soy sauce as coke. Although I made many interesting oolong stories, I still tasted delicious food.

Barbecue Meitu

After eating and drinking enough, we embarked on a tour of She Nationality Cultural Village along the slow road. The drizzle along the way did not block the unique fragrance of gerbera, introducing us into the sea of flowers and immediately lingering. Bypassing the sea of flowers, we came to the exhibition hall of she culture. As soon as we entered the door, there was a classic quotation from General Secretary Xi: "the people of she nationality have created a brilliant national culture in the long history. She culture is a bright pearl in our eastern Fujian culture, which makes our eastern Fujian region proud of its characteristics and advantages." Continue to walk inside, there are classic and ancient items on display, and the most impressive ones are the pharmacy room and the calligraphy room. In the pharmacy room, the interns majoring in pharmacy were immediately in high spirits and stayed for a long time. Under the guidance of the instructor, they personally grasped the medicine and prepared the medicinal materials. They all felt that they had learned something. In the calligraphy room, everyone saw the placed pen, ink, paper and inkstone. After getting permission, they started to practice calligraphy one after another.

Watch Gerbera

Pharmacy Learning

Practice Calligraphy

After a day's visit and hands-on operation, we not only know part of the cultural history of the She nationality, but also feel the charm of Chinese traditional culture, hoping that the traditional culture of the She nationality can be widely spread, it can attract more tourists from home and abroad to enjoy and play. As the activity draws to a close, we all get along well and enhance our feelings for each other, so that interns can integrate into the big family of Lijiexun faster and better!!!

Group photo