Good News/Terlipressin for Injection Approved for Production



Good News/Terlipressin for Injection Approved for Production

On May 07, 2022, the company welcomed another great news! The State Drug Administration approved our company's terlipressin for injection to be listed as a chemical drug in category 4, which is regarded as passing the consistency evaluation of generic drug quality and efficacy.

terlipressin is currently an important therapeutic drug for gastrointestinal bleeding, urogenital bleeding, postoperative bleeding, local use in gynecological surgery, hepatorenal syndrome and intractable shock in China. at the same time, it is also an important therapeutic drug for patients with esophageal variceal bleeding in emergency situations, and it is the only drug that has been proved to prolong the survival time of patients with esophageal variceal bleeding.

The approval of the application for production of terlipressin for injection is a milestone in the research and development of generic drugs in our company. It is the embodiment of the scientific, professional ability and GMP standardization of the company's research and development team, production team and quality team. It is also an accurate witness of the company's development strategic direction. In the future, Lijiexun people will continue to work hard to catch up with excellence and strive to develop into a leading domestic new preparations

. Author: Li Lingling